Interview at MyChicThings with Beth Anderson

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just a little while ago we got done with another interview this time with Beth Anderson of My Chic Things. We're honored to have MB featured on her blog.....enjoy!!

"Visiting the website of Margarita Bloom is like entering an explosion of vibrant colors and retro art rolled into one. Regina Debreczeni, owner of Margarita Bloom, spoke with me about her amazing bath and body products. They will make you jump-start your sweet tooth and bathe your skin in luxury.

Regina, can you share a little bit about your business and how you got started?

My business is called Margarita Bloom named after the modern gal who wants to have a little bit of everything in her life. We sell bath and body goodies with a retro modern flair with many divine bath collections. Our products are delicious concoctions with heavenly scents like Lemon Drop Cookie, Gingerbread Treats, Pink Champagne, Appletini, German Chocolate Cake and much more to make your mouth water!

How I got started? Well, I think it all started with purchasing my first computer. I was introduced to the wonderful world of the Internet with that lovely computer. It opened so many doors for me and let me see all the possibilities I could choose from. It's how I learned about the bath and body world and web design. It allowed me to research and learn everything I needed to start my own business, not to mention meet wonderful new friends across the globe. From there it evolved over time and Margarita Bloom was born after tons of brainstorming.

Where do you draw inspiration for your products?

Gosh, almost everything I love I draw inspiration from. I looove food especially yummy bakery treats, so you'll see a lot of products that stem from that passion. Frankly who doesn't love goodies like cupcakes and cookies? I adore color and polka dots as you might have noticed. Brilliant colors adorn every page and product MB has.

I have a great passion for anything vintage or retro. Pinups are just one of the many vintage delights that I like. They're just so gorgeous and bring a smile to your lips when looking at them. They're a little flirty, fun, and fabulous just like MB.

Other things I draw inspiration from, exotic places like France, Ireland, the Orient, nature, fables and folklores, history and words. Yep, words inspire me. Words like fabulous, heavenly, bliss and more. They inspire me to come up with scents and products for our boutique. All my goodies have to have the cutest most fabulous The IT Girl, Teddy Bear Hugs, or Double Dip Sugar Scrubs. I guess you could kind of say that MB is like a mirror of me. It's everything I love all scrunched up into one place.

What products have been your best sellers?

To be honest, every time someone comes to our site they tell they tell me they love everything at MB!! It's quite an awesome feeling when not just one but ALL of your products are adored. But just to name a few...our Appletini Body Glow Scrub is very popular and one of my personal favorites. It's for customers who like that sugar and oil scrub but don't want one too oily or greasy. I use it all the time and it makes my skin feel so silky and smooth.
But for those of you out there that don't like sugar and oil scrubs another best seller is our Sugar N Spice Gingerbread Scrub which is like a yummy creamy sugar scrub that exfoliates and cleanses too. It's just sooo delicious smelling! You almost want to eat it!! You just slather it on, it exfoliates and buffs away dead skin cells and you're left with heavenly smelling and soft skin.

Another one is our Aphrodite Bubble Bath & Bath Wash....oh, my, anyone who tries that just loves it....guys and girls alike. It's a very intoxicating scent with luscious pink fluffy clouds of cotton candy, Caramel and Vanilla, Lily, Fruity Notes, Licorice Blossoms and Spicy Bergamot, Sicilian Oranges, Raspberry and Fig Leaf. Just wonderful!

Now, I could go on and on about our products but just one last best seller and I'll stop I promise! Scouts honor!! Our brand new Cupcake Love Cupcake Soaps are easily our very, very best seller. I just can not believe the response I have gotten with those little scrumptious delights. They're cute cupcake shaped soaps that come in delicious lip smacking scents such as German Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Angel Cake, Lemon Curd (like a vanilla lemon), Mango Lassi (mango milkshake) etc. They're so popular I just may have to add more scent choices or even give them they're own collection!

What are your future plans for your Margarita Bloom?

I'm going to be updating and refreshing some of our collections. In fact, we recently just updated all our important MB pages like our about page, contact page, wholesale page, sign up for specials page, walk of fame page (testimonials) and more. If it's possible they're even more retro and bursting at the seams with color!

We're always coming up with new goodies to add to our site like we have plans to keep on our Oh, So Lovely Shampoo and Shine So Bright Conditioner from our holiday collections. I'm definitely going to be adding more bakery inspired soaps like our cupcake soap since it's been fabulously popular! So be on the lookout for that.

I'd suggest signing up to become a Margarita Bloom Girl at our website! All you need is a name and email address and viola you'll always be up to date on all the happenings going on at MB. To get even more updates subscribe to our blog at

Visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"

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  1. What a great interview full of your personality & insite to the Margarita Bloom experience! Love your site...and love the products!