Happy New Year! Well, okay we've got about four more days to go but...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

...I wanted to share with you our new fabulous updated website! Whooohoo!! Just very recently we had some of our goodies in a photo shoot in Paris, France no less! for a French Beauty Book that will be coming out some time in 2009. The photo shoot was done by professional photographer Eve Saint-Ramon and now we have some fabulous photos of our goodies with absolutely gorgeous pinup models on our website! I think they're just fabulous. How awesome is that!? Take a peek at our website.:)
Pictured up top is Anne Thropy, one gorgeous pinup gal and yes she's holding one of our CUPCAKE LOVE soaps in her hand!!!

We even added our Gingerbread Man Soap to our Bakery Collection so you gals and guys can get him all year round not just on Holidays. He's a pretty popular little guy...lol..

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  1. WOW WEE, Regina that's great, I see the models on the website! hey LOL I told you so I told you so!!! LOL ....
    Golly gee I am sure thrilled for you!
    Go get'em tiger(ess) LOL :)

    LOL, it's worth repeating...LOL

  2. Regina you go girl!!! What great shots, and your site is fantastic!

    All the best, wishing you success!!

  3. WooHoooo! Awesome Regina! I am so happy for you. Love the beautiful photos on your site. 2009 is going to be your year my friend!