Romance in the air? You betcha!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

So, we all know what's coming up don't we? Ah, is love...Yep, that's right Valentines Day. The day when honey's kiss their honey's and shower them with love, affection...and gifts! lol..

We've put up our Aphrodite's Heaven Collection with a few other goodies to delight at and we still have our very special special up for our fabulous MB gals and guys....20% off any order of $60 or more (before shipping)! Yippeee!! No code required. You'll see scents like The Sweetest Thing Maple, Cupid's Coffee Break of Love (Cinnamon Swirled Coffee!) and more yummies.

So, earlier today I was flipping through the TV channels and came across one of my absolute favorite movies...."The Thomas Crown Affair". The updated one with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. I think I've seen it like six times...did I mention it's my FAVORITE! since it's such a sexy, romantic movie I thought some music from the soundtrack would be most appropiate for February...the month of LOVE. I adore the first song on our music playlist...another new favorite... " Never Quite Enough" by Wassis Diop. I've heard the song like sooo many times, but this is actually the first time I knew who sang it. lol...The next two are from the soundtrack as well...also fabulous!

I thought some videos of the movie might be a little extra goodie for you too!! Get some popcorn and enjoy these fabulous romantic inspired songs and trailer of the movie!! P.S. I'm starting to think I should become a DJ with all this fabulous music I keep finding!!! LOL...Gosh, all these fabulous songs I never knew about! Enjoy!! Mwah!

Here's a video with some stills and Sting's song, "Windmill of your Mind"

Here's a trailer of the Movie....


  1. Doesn't it ROCK that they were both no spring chickens when this was made and STILL oooze the whole sex pot thing?! Renee Ruso is one hell of a cougar! Thanks for setting the tone early for the big day-o-love!

  2. You betcha!! They were both HOT tamales in that movie. Love Pierce Brosnan in that just fit him perfectly and you're right Renee is totally one hell of a cougar. lol...I hope I look half as good as her when I get older. You're very welcome!

  3. Just checked out the Aphrodite's Heaven collection, absolutely gorgeous. Especially love the cupid's kisses. Cherry is such a great scent. It says eat me, eat me, eat me! lol. Perfect for Valentines day!

  4. i love your blog too! thank you for your nice comment. i would love for you to visit my other blog also, i see we both love Marilyn!

    God Bless,

  5. Aren't they two of the sexiest people around? Love that movie!!! Happy Valentine's Regina.

  6. Just loved that film! :) oh yes indeed!!!
    Not the only one I see LOL
    Ah women of good taste! :)