Time to hit the beach, peeps!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ah, finally some nice HOT weather...my favorite kind. I can't get over how strange the weather has been....cold then supa hot then cold again and the next day HOT, HOT, HOT! I'm just excited that warm weather has finally arrived. I'm a beachy kind of gal in case you didn't know... LOL...and so you'll see our website has gotten a beachy makeover with lots of adorable retro gals where else but at the beach!

Plus, we've got a new special in honor of Memorial Day Weekend!!! Get 15% off your total order using discount code "memorialday" and if you haven't signed up for our specials yet do it now!! lol...you can get 10% off your next order and you get to tell all your friends "I'm an Official MB Gal (or guy!)"!

So you peeps know I LOVE my music, right? I listen to music all day long especially when I'm working. Helps me get into that super energized mode and I listen to ALL kinds. I love electronica, a little opera never hurt, heck combine the two and I'm in heaven. You know another thing I love is fragrances (we have sooo many fragrances and I'm always trying new ones!) and I never realized this until some time ago but they actually have a lot in common!! A certain song can take you back to a special birthday(or a certain treat you had on your birthday) or even your wedding day, remind you of someone you love and so much more and fragrances can do that too! They can remind you of your favorite drink, cake, cupcake (LOL!), a certain place, a loved one....so what's your favorite fragrance and/or favorite song and what does it remind you of?

Currently, I'm loving Rum Caramel and hot cocoa it reminds me of the luscious yummy caramel candies I love to eat and of course frothy hot cocoa with whipped cream on top! Seriously, I've got a craving now! and I can't get enough of Sarah Brightman's song...I lost my Heart to a Starship Trooper.... so much fun!



  1. Love the beach look at the site! You're so right about smells and songs triggering memories, anything by Smashing Pumpkins brings back memories of the time in my life right after high school!

  2. I must be dumb and blind since I cant seem to find a link to your products! Drat. Maybe you can send me the right one since I am going to be feeling my way around the house soon.

    Thanks for coming by TAG. Have you an apron story to share with us?? OR a picture in an apron?

  3. Oh I just found it at the top. Simply put in the correct place and I was looking all down the side bar...go figure. :)

  4. Just popped over from SITS to say hi from one glamorous girl to another! Love your blog and all of its vintageness :) Happy Wednesday!

  5. Stopping by from SITS. LOVE the blog, so glamourous. Loves it!

  6. Hey there hope you are well. Mmmm summer I miss summer, winter here, cold and raining.
    Take Care!

  7. hey DAAAAAAHLING ... :) lol...
    Ooo the beach, love it !

    All types of music...sure stirs my soul!~Scents, whatever my hubby loves! LOL....

    PS...I would like to have a giveaway, and would love to buy your product, as part of the giveaway...let me know.

  8. Regina~what items do you want to promote? Let me know and I will send paypal! By the way, I too love that typewriter (wink)...

    secondly...can I take your blog icon to my BLOG BUTTON page? :)

  9. Hey there---just visiting over on SITS! Great blog!

    Love the pics---and your header---divine!

  10. ooh...oh.. lets see..Lovin' Lime for Summer time!!

  11. Hello, just visiting from sits! love the classic look, and pictures...

    have a great day!