~~ Happy JULY 4th everyone!~~

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th is almost here....and you know what that means....you get to have fun and watch fireworks and eat brownies...mmmm...oh, sorry got lost in my thoughts there for a moment. I heart chocolaty goodness! Which brings me to what I wanted to talk about....we re-designed the front page in honor of July 4th. It's resplendent in red, white and blue and we're offering a FREE Mocha-ccino Love Soap Cupcake...it's a fabulous chocolaty scent with french roasted coffee! For details....Check it out here.

Oh, man two fabulous reviews in such a short amount of time...I'm soooo feeling the LOVE! lol.... I'm so excited. First off we have "Celebutante Sisters". Kerri just did a fabulous review on our Wickedly Good Hot Cocoa Scrub, Lemon Drop Soap Cookies and Aphrodite Buttercreme.

And then we have Jessica who gave a review on our Lemon Drop Soap Cookies and Gingerbread Scrub. These sites are awesome and we're thrilled that these fabulous gals LOVED our goodies. Go check out the reviews and leave some love on their site and hey don't forget to come back here and leave some love for us! lol....Just click on the banners to go to each review. :)

Have a Happy & safe 4th everyone! Don't get too stuffed on delicious goodies.

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