Fantabulous GIVEAWAY!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey all you fabulous gals out there wouldn't you just LOVE to get a Aphrodite Oh, MY! I smell Delicious Perfume for...FREE? What about you guys? You could have a pretty as a picture sweet smelling gift for your gal!! Of course you want it! So....

There's a fantabulous giveaway going on over at a new friends blog called "Guessing All the Way" Laurie, the fantabulous blog owner did a review of our Aphrodite Oh, MY! I smell Delicious Perfume plus she is giving away one of our perfumes to a very lucky gal or guy!! Will it be you? lol...

"The smell made me feel just like the title of the Perfume Oil...Oh, My! I Smell Delicious! It was like I was sixteen again, at the County Fair with the cutest boy ever, eating cotton candy"
~ Laurie

Click the pic to go to the giveaway!


  1. I'm heading over to her site right now! (You know this is my FAVORITE scent :-> )

  2. Hey thanks for letting all your peeps know about your awesome giveaway you shared with me!! You're the BOMB!!

  3. Hey Laurie!! No problem!! I LOVE your's just the kind of review that fits in with Margarita Bloom too! I LOVE the quote you gave that I put up in this post in pink!! That is just sooooo Margarita Bloom!!

    You're so da bomb! So glad I was able to meet you. :) XOXO

  4. I love that sentence about being at the fair and being sixteen : ) I could totally remember that. And I am sure it smelled delish!

  5. Cluless_Mama is great! I found your wonderful blog through her:)
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my site! I'm your follower and love your blog!!!

  6. Love Clueless Mama and her blog! I hope I win:)

  7. Hey Kimberlee!!

    Laurie does indeed have a FABULOUS blog!! Even if you don't win you can always come here and get one....we even have a special right now, buy two get one by anytime to say hi!! :) and thanks for entering the giveaway. Mwah!!