Hello.......New Year 2010....here we come!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Just two more days until New Years Eve....then it'll be the beginning of another new year! The best time for a makeover with lots of shiny bright new sparklies my sweets! As you can see we've re-designed our blog. Bigger, better and more full of sunshine retro fabulousness if I do say so myself. We've got a new fantabulous header with elegant style and a lot of rad retro love. You'll see there are convenient links on the right hand side going straight to our website for specific info, our Twitter gadget so you can keep up to date on what's going on in the world of Margarita Bloom, new banners, and music of course! One must rock n' roll when browsing and shopping at Margarita Bloom's. lol...

(1) photo credit: pinupgirlclothing.com  (2) photo credit: pinupgirlclothing.com   
(3) photo credit: vintageconfections.com  (4) photo credit: barneys.com 

With the New Year coming up there's only one thing to do....PARTY!! Here are some of my inspirations for the perfect New Years Eve party because we all know you're going to want to look like the retro BOMBSHELL that you are! Here's one of my (1) fav dresses that would be perfect for a New Years Eve party with your BF. I LOVE this retro ensemble...hey, does the background come with the dress? lol... probably not, but my, oh, my do I adore that dress and the divine black heels.

Totally old Hollywood retro style going on here! Look at these (2) fabulous shoes! I think they've got my name written all over them! and those drop dead gorgeous earrings (4) those babies might break the bank, but I'd look totally rockin in them. :)

Those delicious looking (3) Pinwheel sweets are just that...sweets for you sweets! Caramel wrapped around nougat...help, I think I'm drooling! lol.. I came across this fabulous little shop on Etsy called Vintage Confections and they look divine....like they were carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

Kind of reminds me of those old world confectionery shops where you would go in and they would have freshly made candies and wrap them all up just for you! They even make fortune cookies and Honey marshmallows with peanut butter swirl....that sounds scrumptious! Those would make perfect hor 'dourves for your Retro Glam New Years Eve Party. Marshamllow anyone...honey peanut butter marshmallows? Yes, please.

More inspiration below, I have just discovered Polyvore & I think I'm in love. I acutally had come across them a year ago but hadn't really done anything with it. Well, tonight I think I went into graphic design overload!! So....many....pretty....goodies! Whew! I had to tear myself away from it, after I made my inspiration board for a perfect New Years Eve Party of course! Pink lipstick, pink cupcakes, pink high heels, a gorgeous retrolicious dress, and the most darling bloom ring and clamshell purse! Oh, yes, I'm so loving it.

And of course, with any party you'll want some Margarita Bloom goodies, like our Perfumery Parlor Roll On I Smell Delicious Perfume! Gets fragrances like Aphrodite, Sake, Antoinette Rose, Lady Godiva Chocolate Liquer, Sexpot Pomegranate and more! The perfect finishing touch on your retro fab outfit. Apply to wrists and other pulse points and you're smelling oh, so delicious. :)
New Years Glam Retro Party

What else do we have going on in the fabulous world of Margarita Bloom you ask? Well, we've updated our website home page, shop page, and specials page in style for the New Years...it's got a vintage 1930's vibe going on. Currently, we have a special going on...a winner of a -- sale!!! You can get a FREE gift with every $50 purchase! Oh, snap!



  1. I think I was born in the wrong century... the 20's or 30's , or even the 40's seem more like my kind of fashion, men and well, everything... except the wars and woman stay home and men work thing cuz that's what they do, not cuz they want to...
    But Maureen O'Hara,Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, Clark Gable... they knew how to dress! And act! And they did both very well at the same time!
    My husband pointed out that Marilyn Monroe and I wear the same size... but 60 years ago the sizes were different so not really... and she had a waist, something that after 6 kids I no longer do... or not without the help of a whale bone corset... got any of those for sale? Then MAYBE I can wear one of those gorgeous retro dresses that would make me feel like a Glam Girl to the n-th degree!

  2. Hey Dawn! I know the feeling! I love the style & class they had back then...Maureen O'Hara,Jimmy Stewart, Katherine & Audrey Hepburn, Clark Gable...some of my fav peeps ! Don't forget Cary Grant, Doris Day and Rita Hayworth...Va...va...voom!

    Lol..nope, we don't have any corsets here, but we do have fabulous retro bath skincare goodies that make you feel & smell like a Glam Girl to the n-th degree!! lol...