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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today's Daydream is all about French Fancies...so let's take a stroll down some breathtaking lavender fields together and daydream shall we? *wink wink*

                                                                       Source: allcolorsofnature.com via Haley on Pinterest

Can't you just imagine a warm sunny day in Provence? 
The sweet scent of your Margarita Bloom 
Lavender & Apples Parfume Oil drifts up 
to your nose....all at once delicious & soothing!

 Lavender isn't only found in France...did you know 
that in Rome women would hang lavender next 
to their beds to incite passions? Ooh, la, la!  via

In England, Queen Elisabeth, who loved 
lavender, used it in tea to treat her
frequent migraines and as a perfume. 
(Lavender is one of the oldest perfumes used in England.) via

                                                           Source: chateauthombeau.blogspot.com via Lily {of opulence} on Pinterest

You spend the day at an Art Museum taking in 
all the breathtaking pieces of seductive art...hmmm, 
perhaps you just might meet a tall, dark and debonair 
Prince complete with a delicious French accent...
*teehee...ah, mon amour!

                                                                 Source: dressdesigndecor.blogspot.com via Paige on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: margarita-bloom.com via Margarita on Pinterest

In that case, I'd make sure you prepped and pampered 
with some Margarita Bloom goodies...
a nice long hot soak in some of our  
Antoinette's Rose Garden Luxury Salt Soak  
is just what this princess calls for! 

Don't forget the Bramble Briar and Rose Drizzle 
Oil for soft & silky legs. And our luscious dreamy 
creamy Antoinette's Boudoir Buttercreme...slather all over!


                                                                       Source: designmodo.com via Lily {of opulence} on Pinterest

A night out on the Town....Make sure to dress your best...gorgeous gowns, shoes, and don't forget to accessorize! I say RED is the way to go...dazzle them darlings! *wink wink*

                                                                  Source: google.com via andrea on Pinterest

We all know when you see the color red you think of 
PASSION & LOVE....ROMANCE! and it's sure 
to make your heart beat a little faster, is this not so?

                                                                            Source: ohhellofriendblog.com via Eva on Pinterest

So what would you do on your very own French Fantasy? 
Order Nutella Smothered Croissants via Room Service 
at the Hotel Du Cap or Hotel Regina Paris?
Drink a different champagne every day?
Kiss a handsome stranger under the stars of a moonlight night......
....please do tell {inspire} us....*wink wink*

...the skies the limit for a Margarita Bloom girl.... 



  1. Beautiful post! I am loving the lavender *and* that fabulous bathtub!

  2. I love lavender too. I am from Provence!! ;) this article made me smile...

  3. Ahhhh what a lovely post!
    That red dress is beautiful-

    Thanks for linking up and back today!
    I hope your day is awesome friend ♥

  4. Visiting from FFP - sei wordless Wednesday... Fabulous post!! .. I'm thinkig I may need to experience some Marie A. bath salts ...xo HHL


    Falling Off A High Heeled Life

  5. You have me dreaming of lavender fields! Great images.

  6. Great images!!! Coming to you from FFP link up!


  7. Visiting from FFP! Great photos! Love, love, love the first one

    Kristy @ www.DarnNearDomestic.com

  8. You have inspired me to go to the local Lavender shop and buy a few bunches!

  9. Sending LOVE to all you fabulous peeps!

  10. love the bathtub image! great post, turning me into an even greater francophile. stopping by from ff&p!


  11. Such EXQUISITE and DREAMY photos. Love, love, love! :-)

    Hugs xx

    Camille @ The Wildfleur