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Friday, August 12, 2011

Antoinettes Summer Palace Rose Mud

What is this lovely?
Why it's a fabulous luxurious face masque of course!

What's in it & what does it look like?
Dead Sea Mud, Rose Absolute and Fragrance.
It has a heavenly thick grey colored mud with a creamy texture.
Goes on smooth & creamy.

We LOVE Roses here at Margarita Bloom!!
Did you know that 4000 kilograms of lovely soft rose petals
are required to produce 1 kilogram of pure rose oil? 
And of course in ancient times roses were greatly loved by
many such as the Greeks, Chinese, Persians and Romans & more!
Sappho, a Greek Poetess called the ROSE  "Queen of all Flowers"

Why do I need this fabulous goodie?
Dead Sea Mud has 80+ minerals in it that help to pull any
impurities or toxins out of your skin.
Exfoliates & cleanses.
Tightens your skin.
Tones your skin.
Stimulates your circulation.
Smells heavenly;  fresh with the
sweet sniffs of roses! *wink*

What are the results?
Clean, fresh, glowing skin that even
Marie Antoinette
herself would be envious of!
For normal skin types, use once a week.
Oily, up to 2 times of pampering! *wink*

Where is the Dead Sea anyway?
It's located in Israel. It's also called the Salt Sea.
It borders Jordan to the east and Israel, West Bank to the West.
Its surface and shores are 423 metres (1,388 ft) below sea level.
That's the lowest elevation on the Earth's surface!!
The Dead Sea is actually seven times more salty than any other Sea!
Pucker up dolls! giggle...
Of course, that's also where we get
Dead Sea Salt for fabulous salt soaks!

 Stay tuned for more 
Lovely Facts & History Tidbits...
...that's our archaeological side coming out! 
We LOVE discovering fascinating tasty little bits of info!

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