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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What with it being October and Halloween right around the corner what better "Vanity & Beauty" Post than Black Bathrooms! Our "Vanity & Beauty" posts will be all about beautifying yourself and pretty bathrooms to give you LOTS of ideas!  The color black can quite a stunning look either all over or with pops of it in perfectly placed positions or varying ranges of the color like that silver bathtub in the second perfectly lovely and what a treat it would be to use our  "Queen Titania" Honeysuckle Rose Luxurious Bath Soak, no? Plus, all it needs is a pop of pink and it'll have our signature colors....Black, Grey, RED and Pink!

Black...doesn't have to mean can be mysterious & sophisticated. To me the color black always reminds me of the 50s...that Golden Era of Hollywood and yes it's quite mysterious and fashionably speaking goes with just about anything and everything! Now....aren't you tempted just a little to go redo your bathroom in tres chic black...or even just some lovely accessorizes just to start....need matching bath goodies....we can help you there! *wink wink* Give us a holler via our email...we can beautify you!

Don't forget we've got a sale going on...but hurry up because our 15% discount will be ending soon...USE CODE: Rendezvousatmidnight  at our website Margarita Bloom

Kisses & Winks my Beauties! *wink* 

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