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Saturday, January 14, 2012

We were recently asked to bring back our 
fabulous "Goddess" Exotic Gardenia Soak...
so be on the look out for it in our Beach Bonita Collection lovelies! *wink* 

It differs from our Dutchess Vintage Gardenia Soak in that our 
Vintage Gardenia is soft and ladylike...
while our Goddess Gardenia is wild, exotic & sooo rich in scent....
you'll definitely have to try both!

This post is totally inspired by that...lush lagoons, 
bathtubs filled with pretty flowers and botanicals!! 

Which is your favorite?

I LOVE the first one but am totally wowed by each one! 
Have you EVER seen a glass see through bathtub? Well, now you have! 

Have fun beauties!

                Source: alifemorefabulous.blogspot.com via Cheryl Ann on Pinterest

                 Source: forum3.blackhairmedia.com via Connie on Pinterest
                 Source: google.com via Olivia on Pinterest
                        Source: offbeathome.com via Abi on Pinterest

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