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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beauties, are you having a delicious weekend? 

It's Spring...or more like Summer where I live and I'm LOVING it. I just want to wear oh, so vibrant colors on everything I can...tangerine on my pouty lips, HOT pink tops, brilliant YELLOW strappy heels, bright blue purses and everything in between....don't you? 

Honey bunnies, I have to tell you a secret...I've never worn colored jeans...nope only blue jeans. Gasp! After seeing these luscious sunshine yellow jeans & even those gorgeous green heels I just can't resist. I have to have them. It's like a lemon lime twist of heaven these fashion ensembles...oh, what inspiration for beauty potions. 

Time to speed off to the beauty lab for a little mixing and swirling magic! I do love to look stylish when I'm in the beauty lab you know...

"I bring Sunshine with me wherever I go!"
Lemon Lime Beauty Potions

Lemon Lime Lotion
Lemon Lime Sugar Scrub
Lemon Lime Perfume Oil
Lemon Lime Organic Sunflower & Rosehip Body Oil

Are we tempting you yet? *wink*

To get any of these fabulous beauty potion creations, just email us beauties!
We'll even give you a 10% discount off your order! *wink wink*

                         Source: southernpiphi.tumblr.com via Blanca on Pinterest

                            Source: fashionising.com via CEEC on Pinterest

                            Source: anthropologie.com via Jill on Pinterest

                                     Source: tumblr.com via Elyse on Pinterest

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