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Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's daydream in PASTELS today!! 

They're oh so pretty and quite the picture!! *wink wink*

Pretty pastel dresses to make your day a confectionery delight!

                                Source: via Kitschy on Pinterest
                            Source: via Kitschy on Pinterest

 Sometimes all you need to make your day fun is bubbles ( I really need to get a bottle of bubbles!  I miss blowing bubbles like I used to!!) a pink pastel towel as well as a fantastic bathtub to play in! *wink*

                                    Source: Uploaded by user via Kitschy on Pinterest

Pretty Pastel frocks and lavender hair can make any 
day magical especially with pretty pastel cakes! *wink wink*

                      Source: via Kitschy on Pinterest

And to finish off this beautiful day a pampering potion from 
our beauty boutique because one always needs to be pampered!!
You will fall in love with our Smitten Kitten Shirley Sweet Pea Organic Body Oil Spray!

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