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Friday, July 20, 2012

                           Source: via Gail on Pinterest

Glamour. It oozes Decadence. Luxury. Richness. 
And that's exactly how I love my bathrooms to look. 
I love this bath favorite parts are the gorgeous chandelier...
you just have to have a beautiful, sparkly, eye catching, chandelier in a bathroom. It's a must in my book.

I'm an absolute sucker for claw foot tubs. Period. What about you? 
Big windows. Lots of light. FABULOUS shower stall. I'd say this is a five star bathroom. Do you like the dark plum color on the walls or do you prefer something lighter? Myself, I usually prefer a lighter look but I have to say the plum goes very well in this room since there is so much natural light.  I adore that gilded towel holder on the wall...tres chic idea!!

Can't you just imagine perching daintily on that PLUSH plum chair and smoothing in some of our Smitten Kitten Shirley Sweet Pea Body Oil from it's gorgeous spray glass bottle? I know I can! *wink wink*

                                    Source: via Gail on Pinterest

Happy Boudoir Daydreaming!

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