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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why it's June's Delights! Caramel Popcorn Lovely Lotion!
These are our awesome new tube bottles for our lotion...retro-tastic non?
I love 'em! I hope you will too. They'd look utterly adorable in your boudoir or bathroom especially with our eye candy labels. *wink wink*

You'll love our lotion full of shea butter, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil and more it's smooth and moisturizing. Never sticky and never heavy. Plus, this one smells sweet and salty just like caramel popcorn! Don't forget we have a special going on for August...15% off all month long so you better hurry because that leaves about 6 more days to go until this sale is over!! 

Hop to it beauties! *wink* 

P.S. Want to buy that sweet lotion above email us! $18 per 8 oz bottle. Oh, snap! 

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