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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hey peeps! It's Saturday..oops Sunday now!...and I took a day off...gasp! What!? I know...I never take a day's always work, work, work here but I soooo needed it. Nothing but comfy pillows and warm showers today. *wink* And I can see you guys have been resting up's been awfully quiet lately in the twitter, facebook world...I can just imagine some of you peeps are squeezing as much out of the summer as you can before you have to go back to school...ahh, if only going back to school was like those picturesque commercials we always see, huh? Fabulous back packs, newly shined sneakers and all your friends skipping up the school steps with you to eagerly start their first day back....I think somebody had a little too much caffeine who wrote those commercials...giggle.. 

But I digress...I came across this awesome video by Lisa Eldridge on how to create Marilyn's makeup look and thought you'd like to see it too! It's amazing how much time went into putting on her makeup! 

Enjoy beauties!!

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