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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waffles...I like a stack of them with butter, fruit and delicious syrup drizzled all over every inch of them...oh, don't forget the whipped creme. This is one truly decadent treat.

What's up with that word anyway? Waffles! Where the heck did that come from? The word "Waffle" appeared in the English Language in 1725 & is derived from the Dutch word "wafel" derived from Middle Dutch "Wafele".

The word may have appeared in 1725 but you can actually trace them alllllllllll the way back to Ancient Greece...hmmm, do you think you can trace everything back to Ancient Greece? You just might! lol... The Athenians (Ancient Greece peeps!)  cooked obelios....let's say it again with emphasis...obelios! which were flat cakes between two metal plates — over burning embers.


Did you know waffle irons were engraved with coats of arms, symbols to brand the waffles & baked treats? In medieval France, an entire guild was established in 1270 to train the vendors who sold waffles on the street

So Waffles were so easy to make and consisted of simply flour & water that they actually became a staple of country cooking! Of course, the  wealthier peasants added honey, eggs and aromatized wine to power up on their waffles & make them even tastier. Ooh, la, la! Fancy smancy waffles!

The delicacy, according to Geoffrey Chaucer, made for an excellent means of seduction. 

"He sent her sweetened wine and well-spiced ale/ And waffles piping hot out of the fire," 

the English poet wrote of courtship in the 14th century in The Canterbury Tales. Oh, how romantic.... *wink wink* I do love bread....and waffles are just as good as any sourdough, whole grain or good ole' French bread to this girl! Make a picnic with ALL types of breads and toppings & you've got me hook, line and sinker!  giggle...

Here's a recipe to get you started on whipping up some waffles!!  Happy Nibbling! *wink*

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