kitty cat inspiration....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I don't know about you but I LOVE kitty cats! Not the crazy I'm going to have so many cats I'll get a reputation that I'm a crazy cat lady but, you know, I think they're cute. lol.. 

And how could you not go all soft and mushy when a pretty little kitty cat comes up to you all purring softly. Awwww.... The need for a kitty cat post all started with these totally cute kitty cat stockings which I will be getting very soon!

Come on...look at how adorable they are!

Did you know the first ancestors of cats were called Miacis, which lived 40 million years ago? It's believed they were the ancestors to both cats and dogs! Cats existed millions of years before dogs..hmm, maybe that's where the saying "cats rule, dogs drool" came from... lol... A prehistoric cat got it....the Saber Toothed Cat called "Smilodon". Of course, they're extinct now & have been for some time. 

Of course, here comes my favorite part where Cats were actually revered and worshiped in Egypt. Cats were worshiped for over 2000 years and we all know the Ancient Cat Goddess Bastet or more affectionately referred to as Bast. So yep, I'd say kitty cats are pretty cool. *wink* 

So on to kitty cat inspired fashion...which led me to create this cute kitty cat inspired outfit below. You have to admit that kitty dress is darn cute as heck. So I'm thinking I need to make a cute kitty cat themed beauty potion for our beauty boutique, right?! Right! *wink wink* Oh, yes that should be fun! 

Have a purrrr-fect day! Heehee, couldn't help it!! xoxo


  1. A Very Sweet BlogMay 28, 2013 at 9:14 AM

    those are so cute! hahaha i love them! hey, i deleted my yahoo account and changed over to gmail for my emails for averysweetblog. so you may have seen a change the other night. wanted you to know so i can still get updates. thanks!

  2. Aren't they? I've totally gotta get them! Thanks for letting me know sweets! :)