oh, July let me count the ways we love thee....

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hey peeps! Why hello there lovely July. We can't believe you're here!! 
You lovable...sweet...totally hot July! We adore you.  How are you planning your 4th of July holiday? Grilling? At the Beach? Eating lots and lots of Ice Cream? Haha! In fact, today is National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day! Oooh, what would you come up with? How about a carrot cake with cream cheese swirl ice cream with walnuts swirled inbetween and everwhere? Oh, yum!!

Mmm, if we could we would move to wherever this lovely hammock was...there's nothing better than lounging away the day like that! Oh, hell yeahs...

Oh, look a Tiki Hut!!! I bet the inside is all modern and ultra luxe...what would be your perfect interior to your Tiki Hut? 

This is simply heaven, isn't it? 

You really are.

Bonjour!! The perfect beach outfit, oui?

Strawberries!! Strawberries!! Let's share a bowl!!

What's your story? I'm hoping that my story will be a move soon...to somewhere beachy of course!! *wink wink*

The glare of the sun in your eyes on a hot summer day...totally awesome right?

Who wouldn't want to live here?? I mean, come!! Lounging at the pool with a pretty house....eating those strawberries and slathering Margarita Bloom sunscreen on! Perfection!

The perfect summer outfit, of course excluding hot swimsuits, *wink*, bright yellow heels, a pretty flirty skirt and bustier top and pink clutch! That would be a pretty awesome July day, wouldn't it? And of course, we'd be doing it all to the soundtrack of Daft Punk. Check it out below sweetie pies! 

We hope your Monday is super fabulous! xoxo

Don't forget to check your emails peeps...we've got a fabulous 4th of July Special coming up!! You won't want to miss out on the savings!  Plus, we just sent a humongous order out to one of our stockists Bella Dawna in Aptos, CA! If you're in the area...stock up my pretties!

                                                             pic source: we heart it.

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