current music obsession: goldroom

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yes, we admit it. We're obsessed with this song. You should be too. *wink wink*

Pssst....have you noticed something different? You have? (Flipping hair with a smile.) 
Why yes, we ARE having a fabulous hair day.....AND we've transformed
 our fabulous blog into a land of fleurs and chic blanc (that's french for white!) pinup heaven! 
You like? In case you didn't know we are indeed obsessed with the glamorous awesomeness of white & fleurs. (sigh) so Dreamy, oui? Enjoy the tunes peeps! 

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  1. Thank you for lovely comments on my blog.I'm following you back :)

    Great song,and this girl with her smile and the sea makes this video so suuuper :)

  2. great song!♥ love the design of your blog!:) I'm following you on google+ (petra lorietta) and I liked your facebook page via my personal account (petra lorencov√°),you can follow me back if you'd like;) kisses!

    My Facebook page

    1. Following back! So lovely to meet you Petra. :)

    2. Thank you so much!♥ nice to meet you too!:) love the vintage design of your blog!♥ looking forward to your next posts!:)

    3. Thank you!! We actually just updated it a short time I'm so happy you like it! I really wanted it to have a modern, fresh yet retro feel with the pinups and fleurs. :)

  3. Merci, for all the fabulous comments peeps! So happy to have you following our blog. Stop by often!!