❤ A Pretty Pout for NYE ❤

Sunday, December 29, 2013

We can't believe it's going to be 2014 already...where did the year go? With 2013 ending, that means New Years Eve is coming and that means pucker up pretties for that New Years Eve Kiss at midnight!
Have you ever wondered why we kiss at midnight on NYE? I know I have. When was the first NYE kiss? Who first said...hey, let's kiss...it'll be good luck?! Oh, boy there's a line for you!! giggle... Actually, it's a tradition that dates back to the time of the Ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia...the original NYE party!!  And boy there was a lot of kissing and debauching going on at that party let me tell you.... (voice trailing off....daydreaming commencing.....) ah-hem...moving on.... *wink*

Now, if we asked the Germans and English about kissing they'd say kissing the first person you see at midnight was a sure sign of good tidings to come in the New Year and not kissing someone well, I guess you can imagine what that means...yep, not good. Just to be on the safe side you better make sure your lips are pout and pucker worthy for that certain NYE someone, oui?

Nobody wants flaky dry lips especially on NYE....and that's where Margarita Bloom comes to the rescue. We've got the potions you need to make your lips oh, so lovely and soft. Enter our Pink & Rosy Rose Lip Scrub....a delightful lip sugar scrub with roses, lovely oils and delectable honey to smooth your lips & our Racy & Risque Rosie Rose Lip Balm to butter up those lush lips of yours. Follow these simple steps below to get lovely polished perfect lips. It's such a simple small thing to do that has a big impact on that pretty smile of yours. *kiss kiss*

Now all we have to do is find that perfect NYE sparkly glittery dress!! Oh, yes stay tuned for our next post where we'll be picking out some of our favorites!!

P.S. Don't forget our New Year Special!! You can get $10 off your $50+ order at our beauty website...www.margarita-bloom.com Just use code: bubblesandchampagne

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    1. Merci, lovely!! And thank you for following along! I'm so going to go check out your blog right now.

  2. it looks good!

    1. Hey Kim! Why thank you! I'm still in shock it's going to be 2014! Ha! The year seemed to go fast, didn't it?