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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekends are for pampering, sleeping in, hot buttered croissants, and divine tea all while in gorgeous lingerie.....don't you agree? I knew you would! I figured the weekend was the best time to put up our very ever first lingerie review! I'm so excited and yet so nervous at the same time! *wink*  (P.S...try reading our blog at a zoom level of 75%...doesn't it seem so much more dainty some how? giggle.... Maybe it's just me! *wink* ) 

This year I wanted to really get more involved with our blog and you our fabulous followers. *wink* We're going to be posting not just about our Beauty Brand Margarita Bloom and the lovely products we have to offer but we'll be talking about all the things I'm currently loving or in love with from wonderful movies I just can't wait to see, to the current fashion items I'm obsessing over, and even lovely reviews of all kinds of brands that we love ranging from and never limited to beauty brands, lingerie, food, and anything else we can think up with our pretty little minds. *smiles*

As well as doing all that one of my New Years Resolutions that I haven't done yet was to do something that would take me out of my comfort zone, something completely brand new and that I've never done before. Yes, I'm still following through with my New Years Resolutions even though it's February and usually by now I'd have thrown in the towel...lol... How about you...are you still following through with your New Years Resolutions and what are they? ♡

I'm completely flinging myself out of my comfort zone...more like skydiving right out of it as I'm going to be modeling these delightful pretties!! So please be kind!! To give you a little back history about myself for the longest time I've had body image issues...it seemed like all my life I'd been overweight & unhealthy and trying to overcome it. Well, about two years ago I finally made my one big New Years Resolution come true...I managed to drop the weight (3o lbs!!!) and start living a much healthier lifestyle! Hooray!! (I'm not going to go into detail here about how I did it because this post is really about the lovely lingerie from Dentelle Etc but maybe in the future I'll do a post talking more about that if ya peeps want me to. *smiles*)

If you had asked me anytime in the past if I ever would be doing this, I'd say no way! I'm way too self-conscience...but now I'm going to love my body, be confident and if that somehow rubs off on other girls and helps them love their body and be more confident then all the better. I kind of think we need to start a revolution of loving our bodies, to be healthy, confident and happy with how we look. Don't you all agree? So here we are with some gorgeous luscious lingerie to review sent to me by the lovely Christina El-Hawi, founder of Dentelle Etc... based in England.  She has several different styles available that you can mix and match together but ultimately I decided to go with the Onyx Soft Bra and Knickers. Lately I seem to be drawn to a lot of bloggers and brands that originate from the UK like Christina's and with good reason...they have fabulous taste. :) It's so very pretty and fits me quite snugly. I adore the pretty bloom pattern, don't you? It also has a bow in the back which is sooo darling except of course when you have to tie it yourself! lol... It's so pretty you don't need to pack it away for just one special occasion say like Valentines but you can wear it every day to make it your very own special occasion. You might want to opt for a willowy blouse with this bralet though as the bow does hamper wearing anything skin tight but that's not really an issue with me. *wink*
I'm so happy I found Christina's lovely brand...
I'm in love with her lingerie and I hope you are too. 

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{Some images from Pinterest. Oh, and the lip color
I'm wearing is our Rich & Famous Mighty Ann Aphrodite!) 


  1. Hello dear! I enjoyed reading your post and getting all the positive vibes you are sending out! First of all you are in great shape, I mean great! That lingerie is so dainty and sexy and girly, I will check out Christine's shop. You are right, we should love our body and take care of it, to feel healthier and fitter. Go ahead with telling your story doll! I'm so in love with your blog! Big hugs and happy Sunday!
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    1. Lovely, thank you so much for your sweet words!! ♡ It means the world to me. Big hugs!!!!

  2. The first photo is fantastic! Thank you my dear! Kisses


    1. Isn't it though? I need to have a bedroom like that!! le sigh...

  3. Hey sweety,
    Your blog is nice :)
    would you like to follow each other on GFC ?
    Let me know so I can follow you back :)

    1. Of course! I love meeting new peeps. Off to check out your blog. :)

  4. love this! the lingerie is gorg! xx