♡ French Lace & Braids ♡ REVIEW: Naked Princess Lingerie

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday my pretties! I tell you it was ever so lovely to just relax on the weekend...it's always jumping in the beauty lab here at Margarita Bloom...hyacinth deodorants to make, rose lip scrubs and lip balms to get packaged and even Big Mermaid Hair Tonics to mix up to keep our peeps smelling gorgeous and somewhere between that and getting in some me time I managed to set aside some time for a shoot for some pretty photographs for our feature for Naked Princess. I'm actually doing the write up for this post too as I watch Beauty & the Beast...one of my favorite TV shows and it actually set the mood perfectly for this post...ah, romance!!! giggle...

To set the mood even more...some music (Hearts Collide by Little Boots)
Hearts Collide by Little Boots on Grooveshark

Now, that we've got some mood music...*wink*... Naked Princess is an award-winning modern boudoir luxury house and they've got some absolutely gorgeous lingerie and beauty products that we'll be talking about on today's post. For this post I decided to feature their MicroModal Bodysuit and their very princess worthy lip glosses.
I was immediately drawn to their MicroModal Bodysuit because it's just so romantic & reminded me of something I would wear on a vacation to France. Oui! If one had a house as lovely as the one above for a summer vacation I would imagine you'd need some pretty lingerie to bring with, right? Most definitely and this little beauty would be safely tucked away in my pink suitcase for such an occasion! I especially love this bodysuit for the stunning French Lace bodice....take a peek below at how beautiful the dainty little flowers look. The bodysuit itself fit perfectly and is incredibly soft....you'll want to manhandle it quite often I tell ya, it's SO soft!
Isn't it gorgeous!? I told you!! It's so lovely I'd want to slip on a pair of jeans and wear it as outerwear. This gorgeous bodysuit should be seen and admired! It comes in a range of sizes from XS to XL and comes in 3 colors...Charcoal, Noire (pictured!) and Creme. It retails for $140. For the lip glosses you can see they sent me two! in Barely Blush and Barely Nude. So pretty, creamy feeling and smells of delicious vanilla...they even tout that they can make your pout plumper! You can see some snaps of them below & you can also wear it over lipstick too for some extra glossiness with your favorite lip color. I def. give them a thumbs up....Beauty Princess Approved...or should I say "Naked" Princess? *wink* They come in 6 different colors and retail for $26. You can find them here.
{ You can follow Naked Princess via their social media sites here:  Facebook. TwitterPinterest. } So will you become a "Naked Princess" and check out their wonderful website and indulge? I hope you will! I'm totally in love with their gorgeous line. ♡ Outfit: Naked Princess: MicroModal Bodysuit ♡ Lipstick: Margarita Bloom Rich & Famous Mighty Ann Aphrodite Lipstick/Naked Princess Lip Gloss ♡ Nails: Sally Hanson XtremeWear Mint Sorbet Nail Polish ♡

(This is only my second lingerie post...so be kind peeps! lol...) *I was provided with promotional samples to base my post on. My opinions are solely my own. 
*Some Photos Via: Pinterest.

 ♡ ♡ ♡ Have a BEAUTIFUL day peeps!  ♡ ♡ ♡


  1. beautiful


  2. It's really stunning, love the shoulder details...gorgeous!! Super review xx

    1. My favorite part! The pretty little flowers on the french lace...le sigh... they're so darling.

  3. Love it! We're following you, hope you to the same if you like our blog :)
    xoxo, Márcia*


    1. I'd love to! I'll totally check out your blog and merci for following along!! :)

  4. Totally gorgeous enough to be worn as outerwear and you wear it very well! The lace detailing is so feminine and sexy at the same time.

    Have an amazing weekend Regina!

    Rowena @ rolala loves