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Monday, April 14, 2014

I've been meaning to post this editorial for awhile now but never seem to have enough time. So many things to do especially when you run a company like me and now am delving into the realm of being a beauty/lifestyle blogger! It's a lot of work but SO much fun learning about new companies and getting to try out their products so you peeps can learn more about them. I'm going to be reviewing some of our own items too for you! 

I'm even thinking about adding in flower crowns to our beauty products! I've become obsessed with them. I LOVE flower crowns and think you babes would love them too. But first I think I need some down time...it's a lot to do even for this girl and that's where this editorial comes in. I could use some down time in a luscious suite with room service...oh, yes, lots and lots of room service!! 

The model Sanna Backstrom is hella gorgeous! I've got major brow envy!!! And her hair color...I'm so loving it...hmmm, maybe it would look good on me.  The style of this editorial is just laid back yet luxurious...so me! Enjoy these pretty photos and awesome tunes babes!! Just discovered Zella Day...SO Good!!

Those statues are tres romantic oui?  xoxo

Chill Day in the Suite Editorial
Photographer: Michel Widenius
Stylist: Hilda Sandström
Makeup/Hair: Martin Sundqvist
Model: Sanna Backstrom @ Elite Stockholm
Photo Assistant: Joakim Eklof
Special thanks to The Collectors Hotel Stockholm


  1. Fabulous statues! I love the pants she's wearing in the second pic.

  2. Beautiful pictures, amazing post, following you now.

  3. Hi, I am agree with what you said. Gorgeous, laid back but luxurious! I even also like the lipstick color.
    You are amazing to run a company and still manage to run your blog and still I can feel your passion. Flowers always sounds lovely. All the best!
    By the way, I'm following you too! <3 <3 Have a lovely weekend and happy holiday.

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