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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I love cremes. I them! So when I came across this fabulous brand STEAMCREAM I knew I wanted to try their brand. The first thing that always captures my heart is packaging...I LOVE pretty packaging which I'm sure you knew....giggle... and they don't disappoint with their adorable tins! 

This little beauty traveled all the way to me from the UK where the crème itself is made and the vast array of pretty tin designs are actually done up in Japan. I decided to choose their “Precious” themed tin because it's in my favorite two colors, pinks and purples and it has little posies all over it...perfect for Spring. Oui! The little tins are made from aluminum and definitely keep the product itself fresh and no leaking at all if you're worried about carrying it in your purse. And after I use up my lovely crème, I can use the tin for storing anything like sweet little bobby pins, or even small jewelry to bring with me in my purse.

The crème itself is so has a cool feeling to it and is shiny and white to look at. The consistency is that of almost like pudding but a more luxurious silky pudding if that makes sense. It smooths on perfectly, really moisturizes your skin and soaks in wonderfully & fast. The smell you ask? I thought you'd never ask! It smells of lavender and herbal romantic summer nights. Yep, that's what it reminds me of. It makes me daydream about hot summer nights...almost dusk walking hand and hand with a handsome fella smelling oh, so lovely & girlish. Le sigh...such a lovely scent. I really love it and I'm not really an herbally type of girl.

You may be asking why do they call themselves Steamcream, well quite simply because they use steam to emulsify their crème! How fancy smancy! Here's their description from their website.

“The power and energy produced by high pressure STEAM melts and fuses the raw vegan ingredients at a speed that defies most traditional cream-making methods. This force and intensity emulsifies the ingredients immediately, producing a beautifully textured, fast absorbing cream. This light and glossy emulsion is held together so gently, that it allows the cream to break down immediately on contact with the skin. Plant extracts including oatmeal, orange flower water, jojoba oil and lavender essential oils can get to where they are needed, instantly. STEAMCREAM uses STEAM to emulsify the cream. This creates a loose, glossy emulsion that can break down easily on the skin. In addition, STEAMCREAM is packed with twelve, 100% naturally active ingredients to make your skin the best it can be – naturally. ” via the STEAMCREAM website.

Pretty darn neat if you ask moi! And you know what else is fabulous? You can use this crème on your face, hands and body and it's acceptable for all skin types. Booyah! I mainly use it on my really makes me feel refreshed and doesn't break me out at all. Believe me, my skin is pretty darn sensitive so I was relieved when it didn't effect my skin except in a good way...moisturizing and plumping up my skin. I also love to use it on my hands as they can get quite dry after washing them. It's also Vegan! Bonus for all you Vegan peeps out there and they don't test on animals.

“STEAMCREAM contains orange flower, which is particularly beneficial for dry and sensitive skin while ingredients such as blue chamomile, rose and lavender essential oils all work together to calm, tone and soothe the skin beautifully.” via the STEAMCREAM website.

I've got my eye on a few of their other tins as well. I do love a fabulous Union Jack and the pretty roses and they even have a tin that looks like Blue Jeans! (Which of course reminds me of the song by Lana Del Rey!) I really love the product and I can tell you that I'll be back for more! Two thumbs up from this Beauty Princess. *wink*

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*Promotional Samples were provided for this review and all opinions are my own.*


  1. it sounds dreamy! love the packaging. excellent review!

  2. Looks cute :)

    1. It really is and smells lovely. So glad I got to try it out. *wink*