Music ♡ Sia "Chandelier" w/ Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms ♡

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As soon as I saw this video I had to let you babes you know about it too!!! First off I love Sia....she has one amazing voice!!!! and the video is just beyond amazing and features Maddie Ziegler from "Dance Moms". I don't watch too much "Dance Moms" myself...hey, I can get pretty busy and it keeps me from watching TV except for the occasional show I DVR.

I have seen a few episodes of "Dance Moms" and have seen Maddy perform...but what's really cool is that "Dance Moms" is made in hometown!!! So I'm pretty proud. *wink*

You've got to see this girl dance...she makes me want to take gymnastics and dance again just like I did when I was little. Now, if I could only master the split like she does!!! Here it is Sia's "Chandelier"...enjoy!!


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