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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hey you babes and dudes! It's official we've finally updated our blog and there's so much to see. And to boot, it's the first day of Autumn!! Happy Autumn you gorgeous peeps.

So the new blog has her own persona....Cherry Lips Blonde Curls...not too hard to figure out where I came up with that name, huh?  *blonde hair flip....cherry pout* giggle...

I had a hard time figuring out how to design this pretty little spot on the blogsphere...you could say I'm multifaceted just like a diamond I have a love of so many different types of styles. I tried to incorporate a little bit of all of them and believe me there are a lot! I LOVE anything that is cute & whimsical so I decided to go with a whimsical vintage pink gingham background and to make the sidebar widget headers in a cursive font with little hearts next to it. They just bring a smile to my face & I hope yours too. The header I tried to make vintage yet still very modern with a beachy California Bohemian vibe...and don't you just LOVE those whimsical pineapples in the background?!!

Speaking of that modern vibe...I was really considering going for a minimalistic look but I just love color and designs so much I had a hard time getting the blog to be minimalistic! lol... no, really every time I tried to design a simple header it somehow ended up colorful...heehee... So what I did was take that modern minimalistic style and apply it to our fonts...the header font and the blog post font are very modern and clean looking as well as the Pièce de résistance of our blog...the floating menu bar which I did all by myself!!! Well, I did have some help from some fabulous blogs and their wonderful tutorials! You should check them out if you want to amp up your own blog. They're called Xomisse and The Wonder Forest. They were a god send let me tell you. There were a few other speckling of sites that I have bookmarked but those two helped me out the most. 

I nearly quit twice! when trying to tweak this sweet little blog and unfortunatly I did buy a template that I never actually used. *pout* I feel bad about that.....I could have gotten a dress! There I go again being fashion obsessed. *wink* Haha, ever since I dropped about six sizes...from almost a size 8 to a size 1 I've gone fashion gaga and now that the new blog is done there will be a blog post about how I changed my eating habits and how you can get healthy too like me! Yay!! I know you can't wait to hear all about that. I've had a lot of peeps ask me to write that blog post. ♥

So back to the blog...we've got whimsy...check....vintage...check...modern...check...California Girl...check...and finally there's that City Girl side of me that loves Fashon Week, luxuries like pretty candles and jewelry, Chanel, luxurious designers like Elie Saab, House of Holland, NYC, Moschino, picnics in Central Park and sweet little cafe's where you can get mouthwatering decadent desserts and cups of sublime tea!  I decided to incorporate all that with the color combo of pink and grey that you see on the links and "blog post" headers and "share this post" sections. Grey and Pink...it's just so CHIC.  

And then, there's the navigation bar. A floating navigation bar with drop down windows. Oh, yes. I still can't believe that I figured out how to do it!! It makes for much easier navigation so you can see our about page with a lovely photo of moi, how to get to our Margarita Bloom shop and storenvy shop quickly, as well as a blogroll and brand page with some of my favorite blogs and favorite brands! If you hover over the "FOLLOW" Button you can see Margarita Bloom's social media platforms and follow along. I've also incorporated a Collaboration Page for Sponsors interested in being featured on our blog. There will many new ventures into reviewing products (including some lovely reviews of our own brand Margarita Bloom!!), fashion, food and everything in between. *wink wink*

Check out the nifty new sidebar complete with a couple of new widgets for Pinterest and Instagram!!! I just love those! You'll also see a section for Brand Banners, Friends and my inspiration...Marilyn, Audrey and Antoinette..okay, well Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette in the film done by Sofia Coppola. ♥♥♥

I hope you sweetie pies love the new design,  that it's easier to navigate (There's even a nifty modern search button on the sidebar!) and that you'll stop by to see our next posts and the next one and so on! We've got a lot in store for this blog. *wink* Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin so you can keep up to date on all our posts & share this post with our fabulous share buttons below so your peeps can check us out!!!! Kisses! xx


Photos via (Margarita Bloom, Tumblr, Pinterest & WeHeartIt)


  1. I love the new layout, so fresh! I liked your other layout too, I should hire you to help fix my sad blog!! tee hee! Can't wait to hear your new posts, and the lifestyle healthy changes you made :)

  2. love your blog!! it's so beautiful and pink!!
    love this post too :)