REVIEW ♥ Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup ♥ My Color OBSESSION!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Tuesday you gorgeous peeps!!  We're teaming up with Brandbacker and Redken to bring you this review of their newest product: Redken Color Rebel Hair Makeup!!! Check out Sky Ferreira above rocking her hair in Redken's fabulous Red-y to Rock: True red and Purple Riot: Bright purple shades! To set the mood, let's put a little music on. Sky Ferreira's Obsession! Because really wouldn't life be better if we had our own soundtrack playing in the background? *wink*

I was SO excited to try this product!  If you follow me on Facebook you know I'm always posting photos of hair inspiration especially pink, blue, lavender and oh so many rainbows of pretty coiffed hairstyles. I do SO love brightly colored hair. Let's take a peek at the packaging and how exactly this product works below. 

They come in 5 different shades:
• Red-y to Rock: True red 
• Rebel Without a Coral: Punchy coral 
• Punked Up Pink: Fuchsia pink 
• Purple Riot: Bright purple 
• Gilty as Charged: Gold Shimmer 

I received the colors Punked up Pink and Red-Y to Rock Red. So fun!! And they're so vivid! How it works you ask? Well, using makeup technology with direct color pigments, Color Rebel deposits a very fine colored micro-coating on the surface of the hair, making it resistant against water and mechanical aggressors, such as brushing, blowdrying or flatironing. The hydrophobic nature of its micro-coating limits modification or transfer due to water. Water slides along the surface of the hair fibers coated by Color Rebel highly pigmented ink!

• Pearlescent pigments create multi-dimensional iridescent color effects
• Water-based ink allows for easy flow through the sponge applicator and dries quickly
• Polymer duo limits the transfer of color and coats each hair individually without clumping
• Clay allows the polymer duo to disperse in water for a fluid application and ultra-thin coating

To apply this neat little product first take off the black cap on the bottle...there will be a plastic tip that you pop off and replace it with the little sponge you see above below the bottle of hair color. You'll want to shake the bottle well and twist the cap in the direction of the arrows until the tip is saturated. It'll take a few twists.

I washed, conditioned & styled my hair first with a curling wand for pretty waves before I applied the Color Rebel Hair Color. I just took a piece of hair and pulled it slightly taunt and applied it where I wanted it. Comb through a bit and let it air dry or use your hair dryer to set and there you go! I was pretty amazed at how vibrant it looked in my hair given that I have a goldenly dark blonde hair color. Check out how I styled it!! I felt like a My Little Pony with all the pretty pinks and reds going on in my hair.  *grins*

I love the fact that this product is temporary peeps! That means I don't have to worry about mesing up my hair and that in a couple washes it'll come out. The instructions say that in about two washes it should be gone but I find it takes four to five washes before all the color disperses out of my hair. Plus, you can also use their Redken Hair Cleansing Cream or apply a drop of Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine or All Soft Argan-6 Multicare Oil to remove it instantly from your hair. Aha, I see what they did there. *finger on nose* Can't get it past me...they want you to buy more Redken products which I can't really fault them for. They've got great products!

Plus, the hair makeup is SO easy to use...just apply it on your hair like a big crayon and it instantly colors your hair and the color is SO vibrant and pigmented that it even works on dark hair. Two thumbs up for that. And the fact that it's quick and super easy to do makes experimenting with your hair a super fun experience. If your day job doesn't allow you to have colored hair which thankfully mine does not...I can have any color hair I want and the boss won't get mad...heehee, because it's MOI! *wink wink* can simply remove it from your hair presto like magic! The only downside I felt this product had...and come on not every product is perfect for I found that it made my hair frizzy, dry and pretty tangly...but I'll take that if it means I can have pretty colored locks. I would suggest getting this handy dandy little product to help you with the tangles...the Tangle Teezer in hot pink!! I LOVE that thing! *grins*

It's such a great way to accessorize your outfit too!!! I always see sooo many editorials where the models have gorgeous hair in an amazing array of beautiful colors...why should they have all the fun!, you can create your own editorial worthy hair for your selfies and beauty/fashion blog which I just might do the next time I plan a review. *wink* You can find this product at Redken Salons or! ♡Kisses!♡




  1. This looks so rad! I want to try this too! Looks great on you :)

  2. It's so fun to play with color! I may have to try this!

  3. I love the look of this, it looks so cute on you! Have been wanting to try these for a long time but haven't ever any product like it ( or this one itself). I doubted it would work on brown hair too but yours looks lovely!
    Bethany x

  4. You hair looks gorgeous!

  5. These are marvellous, have always wanted to put colour like this in my hair, but since it's so dark, I'd have to lighten it first, which is annoying. But, I thought I could put fake hair pieces in and colour those, haha :))) Looks perfect on you :) xx

  6. Looks like a fabulous product, definitely going to try it! Thanks for th blog visit and comment on my blog. I will follow you now via Bloglovin, hope you will follow me back also. :))