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Sunday, January 18, 2015

1. McCormick Thyme Seasoning 2. Rimmel Eyeliner 3.Rimmel Eyeliner 4. Fruit Vines Cherry Licorice 5. Celestial Seasoning Candy Cane Lane Peppermint Green Tea 6. NYC New York Color Expert Lipstick in Sugarplum 7. Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum 8. Rimmel Eyemakeup Remover

I love it when I get pretty packages in the mail. I had to share this Influenster Box I got because there are a few things in it I adore. The blogging gods and goddesses must have heard me because just when I needed a new hairbrush I got one in this VoxBox. Perfect timing!! And what a fabulous brush it is. Look how purty it is and it works beautifully. #ecotools

Let's see where to start...how about the ones I liked least. That would have to be the Rimmel Eyeliner and Makeup Remover. I think I had a reaction to the eyeliner because my poor eyes got red right where I put it and then the makeup remover wouldn't work. I was in a panic so I grabbed some olive oil and off came the eyeliner. Whew. Not sure I'll be using those two again.

I haven't used the Thyme herb yet but I'm sure I'll come across a recipe that I can use it in. Smells SO lovely.

The Fruit Vines Cherry Licorice were yummy, but I think I prefer Strawberry Twizzlers. Ha! #sweettooth 

Really liked the feeling of the NYC New York Color Expert Lipstick in Sugarplum but not so in love with the color. You know me, I love BRIGHT lippys. giggle...

I received a small packet of the Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum. It went on really nice and smooth. Can't say it did much for my skin since I don't really have any wrinkles. It did leave it nice and hydrated.

Okay, to what I've been most excited about. The CANDY CANE LANE PEPPERMINT GREEN TEA! I love this stuff. You have to try it. It's sweet and tastes of peppermint treats. I had to go out and get a box of it for myself and yes I've already had two cups of it as I write this in my cute new little expresso cups you see below. It's freaking delicious! It has peppermint, decaf green tea, orange peel, vanilla bean, blackberry leaves, cinnamon, milk thistle, roasted carob and roasted chicory in it! Lots of good stuff. By the way, the cute little expresso cups came all the way from the UK...I seem to buying a lot of pretties from the UK lately. *wink* Found them on EBay in case you want to get your own. *wink wink*

Happy Tea Drinking!! *wink*

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