♥ MUSIC MONDAY: Florence + the Machine ♥

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday again! So it's finally officially Spring...four days into it! Yay!! I'm so excited for warm weather to start so I can wear more pretty dresses and eat ice cream cones especially, green tea pistachio ice cream adorned cones. Mmm..... 

Been busy working in the beauty lab getting your fabulous orders whipped up as well as doing a ton of spring cleaning. It's amazing how much stuff tends to pile up after awhile. Sheesh... I've also got a ton of reviews coming your way soon!! First up is an absolutely cuuuuuute Asian subscription box called Kawaii (Kawaii is Japanese for Cute in case you didn't know!) Box. Just have to finish editing some photos and it should go live very soon. For a sneak peek at a few of the goodies (Green Tea Kit Kats!!!!!) I got check out my instagram babes and follow along if you aren't already. *wink wink* You're going to love it. 

I can't say I did too much this weekend besides the spring cleaning, there was a lot of sleeping...yep, so exciting! lol... but I did manage to make a new friend....the most friendly black kitty ever! Awwww....he/she is soooo adorable. Just popped up out of nowhere and seems to be around every time I go out and follows me around. SO adorable! Although, every time I would pet said pretty kitty it kept showing it's bum to me! Hahaha...at first I was like whoa, hey there kitty...that's a bit too friendly...giggle... Of course, I googled said bum presenting and found out it's actually a kitty's way of saying, "Oh, hi, I like you. You're awesome."  I might have added in that awesome part. Ha! 

Today I've got plans to do some inventory, finish up said batch of orders all while drooling over a delicious vanilla chai green tea and doing lots of daydreaming. I hope your Monday is a beautiful one! On to our Music Monday...I had to feature this song..."What Kind of Man"...by one of my favorite artists ever. Florence + the Machine. It's sooo strong and powerful. Her music videos never fail to let you down...it's amazing. I so love Florence Welch's style. Enjoy!!!

photos via pinterest.



  1. LOVE Florence & The Machine...gorgeous xx

  2. I don't listen to many Western artists these days but Florence + The Machine are brilliant and how spectacularly beautiful is that first photo of Florence Welch! Have a fabulous week Regina!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I love Florence + The Machine, I've been listening to her for years. So glad that she's so popular now. Stunning images of her here too!

  4. Your new kitty friend sounds adorable and so cute that she is over-friendly! LOL! I am excited for spring too! I love this beautiful inspiration here!