OOTD: ♥ Beautiful Crime ♥

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Monday babes! I feel gorgeous and confident. That's not something I would have said a couple years ago. In fact, I kind of thought I wasn't that pretty and being a wee bit unhealthy and overweight I wasn't at all that happy. That finally changed when I changed my lifestyle for the better...you got it...a few years ago. Now, I'm all about silencing that little voice in my head and feeling as gorgeous and confident as I really am. 

That's one of the reasons I'm starting to add fashion OOTD posts to my blog. I  really want to get out of my comfort zone. I actually don't have that many photos of myself before I adopted a healthier lifestyle...I was that bothered by how I felt about myself and being that I'm so fashion obsessed now I just had to add a clothing line to my beauty lines and what better way to get out of my comfort zone then to model the clothing myself! *wink*

This sweet little ensemble I'm wearing below is one of the many pretty fashions available in our shop! Isn't it gorgeous!!! Our pretty Elle houndstooth crop top comes in a sunny sunshine yellow AND pastel pink. (Pssst.....I do believe Taylor Swift wore an ensemble just like this!! That girl has fabulous taste.) 

 I've also kind of realized that I've missed out on a lot of things so I've resolved to go out and do more...have more fun...enjoy life more...go on more picnics! Ha...though I do need to get a picnic basket to go on more picnics, don't I? Something retro with pink or red gingham. *stares dreamily thinking about all the pretty cups, saucers, and picnic gear I can get* Must google that. Adding to my list of things to do!!  

Really though, I've realized life is so short and you really need to embrace it and dive in. It'd be a beautiful crime to waste it just because you're worried about what other people are thinking of you and for the first time in my life I'm pretty darn happy with me. 

I don't know about you but I totally agree with Cara. 

Have a beautiful week babes!! Stop by our storenvy shop to purchase this pretty little set of pastel loveliness and see what other delights we've added!! 



  1. You look adorable..and I'm so happy you feel confident and loving yourself much more now, that is so important :)) You're a babe, this top and skirt are so so cute, I love them :) xx

    1. Merci, Kizzy! I'm happy too! You have no idea. Awww..shucks... *blushing* I finally feel like a babe. *hugs* Thank you so much. I adore them too...it's crazy how fashion obsessed I get over clothing now when I used to pretty much only wear baggy pants and baggy tops.