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Friday, July 3, 2015

It's been pretty hectic these last two weeks for me. I kind of had something unexpected and amazing happen to me....something I thought would never happen happened!  A "Dream Come True" you might say. Another thing to check off my Dream Wish List. Yes, I have one of those. Doesn't everyone have a Dream Wish List?

It's basically a list of goals that I hope to achieve whether it be something I wanted to improve about my physical appearance to places I want to travel to to so many more other things! I've had a list ever since I was a little girl and frankly, I hadn't had any of my dream goals checked off until these last two years. It's been pretty great!  I just hope the momentum keeps going and I can check off more from my Dream list. hahaha....

♫ HOLYCHILD - Happy With Me 

I thought I'd share some of my "dream goals" with you and let you know about the latest dream come true that just happened & the reason why I've been so quiet on Facebook more so than usual and believe me I have a great reason. 

   Dream Wish List     

 1.) Stop biting my nails. Check. 
I've had this dream goal since I was probably 10 or so . I stopped doing that a short few years ago and I love having long nails! I'm more into nail polish and nail art now than I've ever been. I absolutely adore pastels, white, black and hey, I just realized I haven't tried red nail polish yet! Another Dream Goal to set!  

2.) Get my hair looking healthy and vibrant after a disastrous perm when I was 7. Check! 
I'm kind of a little (a lot) obsessed about my hair ever since I was seven and my mom made me get a perm that made me look like a poodle zapped by electricity. Oh, it was way worse than that. I even have photographic proof but uh huh, that photo is never seeing the light of day. The only thing I loved about my hair was the color...it was SO much lighter than it is now...kind of a whitish blonde. Boy, my hair has really darkened a lot over the years...to a goldeny dark blonde. I should probably spend more time outside to lighten it.

So now every time I go out I have to make sure my hair looks it's best. It takes a lot of effort and work but I'm pretty darn happy with my hair. My hair isn't the kind you can just roll out of bed and go oh, hey I look great. It's not naturally straight and takes me quite some time to get it that way and get all the wavy kinks out...thank goodness for my Hana Hair Straightener. I don't know where I'd be without it.  I will say there are times when my hair frizzes out so bad due to humidity and sweat...so I'm always on the hunt for a new frizz tamer/hair straightener. I don't think I'll ever stop trying out new products to tame my frizzies. Maybe I should do a hair care post about what products I use? Would you peeps like that?  

3.) Lose Weight & Be Healthy. Check! 
This had been a goal of mine since I was 12 and I became a size 5. I never felt right being that size. There's nothing wrong with being a size 5 but for me it just didn't feel right. I didn't feel comfortable in my own body and then from there I went to a size 7 and maintained that size until two years ago when I almost became a size eight...an unhealthy one at that.  I was always tired, had heartburn and acid reflux starting up, and just was plain depressed that I didn't look like how I saw myself in my head. I think it was being up on Tumblr, instagram, and Pinterest that really helped me see there were other peeps out there that felt the same way and really helped me understand how to start eating healthier and now I'm a size 2!!!...a healthy size 2 without any indigestion or acid reflux bothering me. I'm SO FREAKING HAPPY which is why you see tons of Fashion Obsessed posts up on all my social media. It's like I was set free and all these years of holding back my love for clothes has become unleashed! *wink* I've probably bought more clothes in these last two years than my whole life. Ha! 

4.) Get into my Dream Condo/House.
Unfortunately, I haven't accomplished this yet.  I really don't like my current living environment and so that's a dream goal of mine to get into a place that's perfect for me. It has to be big enough but not too big, be near a city, have white subway tile in the bathroom, white Carrera marble (I love Carrera Marble!),  wainscoting, beautiful wood floors, white crown mouldings, be light and airy with lots of sunshine. I want it to be modern & urban, yet have a certain Parisian feel to it; very chic and just.....Parisian. Ya know what I'm talking about. *wink* And the kitchen would be white with that white Carrera marble I was talking about with a big island and gorgeous stainless steel appliances. le sigh...so perfect.  I would love to be able to interior design it. If you follow me up on my Instagram you'll see me post inspiration posts like this one.  Doesn't it look dreamy?! And while I love the modern feel of that photo I'd have to add cute Kawaii elements like this Pretty Baby pillow in my bedroom! 

5.) Travel! I've got Wanderlust!
Haven't done this one yet, but I SO BADLY want to go to Paris and London as my two top picks. Well, let's add California in there too because I mean I LOOOOOOVE California. To be able to travel to Paris would be amazing and learn French! All the pastry shops, fresh baked bread, sweet little cafes, French Macarons...fields of flowers, the Louvre, Versailles! Swoon!!! And London!! the food markets, flower shops, Big Ben, The Royal Opera House, even a department store! Ha!! .....Liberty London. I've seen photos of it from fellow bloggers and would love to check it out.  And California...I mean, come on I'm a California Girl at Heart. It would be my dream to live there.
6.) Get a kitty or puppy! Check! 
This is something I've wanted it seems like forever but it never happened when I was in single digits. I was always expecting a basket under a Christmas tree with a wee kitty or puppy in it but alas it wasn't to be....until now!  I guess fate or destiny decided to intervene because this little precious bundle was delivered directly to my door! Meet the sweetest, most adorable kitty ever....Zeus!! And he's all mine!! 

Two weeks ago that little cutie pie came into my life....since then he's completely taken up my time getting to know him, bond with him, and yes, I've taken copious amounts of photos of the little cutie pie. Can you believe this little adorable but very much a troublemaker was a stray and he found his way to me? He's just two months old and was out on his own but come on, how could I resist that sweet little face? Such a cutie!!! I'm not going to lie I was a bit scared of taking care of him or if I was even able to. I've never taken care of someone else before except me and though I can be high maintenance it's much more of a responsibility to take care of this little fur ball. He's counting on me! 

After that first day together though I just knew I couldn't give him up. So it's been two (Exhausting!!!) weeks and he finally knows his name. He comes to me anytime I call him!  SO smart! We've taken him to the vet and he's pretty healthy. Just getting him started on flea prevention, deworming and regular checkups. He's a happy, healthy little boy and so photogenic. 

Zeus loves being carried around. He's a little daredevil who loves heights!  He loves chicken just like me! Ha!!  And he adores pumpkin for dessert.  He gives me morning kisses and head butts after yawning about four times of course. He loves his beauty rest just like me...giggle... I love it when he just gets up, he's in such a lovey dovey mood. 
Look at those whiskers!! 

Here he is getting some beauty rest, purring and enjoying a massage from his mommy. 
Doesn't he have just the sweetest nose and little mouth?!! Awww.....

Here he's just chilling. I LOVE his tiger stripes and look at his cute pink paws!! 
LOOK at those adorable big ears!!!

Here he is being all sweet and innocent....but this little troublemaker has sharp little claws and my clawed pants are proof of that. I'm trying to teach him not to claw playfully at me but he seems to love jumping up my leg and climbing...ouch!!!!....and playfully going after my hands to bite them...even though I never use them as toys. le sigh... I've read that he'll eventually grow out of this cause all I want to do is pet him and hold him and getting scratched is not my type of fun play time.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to stop? 

I just love him to pieces! Be sure to keep up to date with this cutie pie up on my Instagram because he will be making his debut and there will be TONS of kitty spam. Heehee....

Those are just a few of my "Dream Goals" right now. If I went into any more detail I'd have a book, not a blog post on my hands here.  *big smiles*  Zeus gives you kitty hugs and nose kisses!!! And well, I'd give you kitty hugs and nose kisses too...but that might just be a little too weird. *grins*

Happy 4th of July weekend babes and dudes!! 

// some images via // kitty photos mine // 



  1. Just so cute, what lovely eyes too :) x

    1. Thank you lovely!!! He does have gorgeous eyes!

  2. Love reading your history, i'm glad you achieved all your goals and that little kitty is adorable i use to have one like him


    The Color Palette

    1. Thank you!! Me too! It's been a long time coming...hope I can keep the momentum rolling!! heehee... He is a cutie pie...and he knows it. lol... Awww, I I bet your kitty was adorable. xoxoxo

  3. Eeeep thats such a pretty kitty, I absolutely love the pictures you took for this post :) That's awesome you've already achieved so many of the goals on this list too! And the other ones don't seem very far in reach so you'll get there before you know it :) I wish my bucket list looked anything like this, I probably have over 100 things on it with maybe.... 4 or 5 achieved so far haha.


    1. Aww, thank you Lizzy! He's a cutie pie. I'm not gonna lie though there are somtimes that I'm happy that he's taking a nap...he'a whirlwind of energy!! Such a cute little distraction. lol... My list is just as big but those have been the biggest ones. It feels so good to have finally achieved them. I thought it would never happen to be honest it took me so long to achieve them. lol..

  4. Oh my goodness, Zeus is so precious. Girl, you are on a roll!! So happy for you :))

    ♡ Dulce
    Viva La DIY

    1. Merci, Dulce!!! Zeus sends you kisses!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Would love to! Merci for visiting my blog!!

  6. Gorgeous post!
    Maybe we can follow to each other?
    Let me know! :)


  7. Thanks for your comments dear, I am following you too!! Keep in touch!! :*

  8. What a lovely post, goals/aims are brilliant to follow - I make a list of ten aims for each year and cross them off as they're completed over the 12 months, it can be a lot of fun! I'm so pleased you're improved the health of your hair (it looks lovely!) and created a healthy lifestyle and body you're proud of. Good luck with your remaining goals! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice