REVIEW ♥ My First Lush Haul ♥

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hey Kittens! OMG, this week has just blown by so fast...Zeus is quite the handful and demands so much attention which I'm happy to give him but I feel like I haven't been paying attention to my blog or to you! I've gotta find a nice balance between the two and of course as I'm saying this I'm stopping to go pay attention to Zeus. Ha!! Okay, back to work. *wink*

I've never been to a Lush. I know. I should get on that right. Well, I did...quite a few weeks ago I went to the cutest Lush store and bought some goodies for myself. It's kind of funny because a few years ago I had a customer tell me that my beauty brand Margarita Bloom was like the love child of Lush and Benefit...both of which I had never heard of before! I checked them out and boy, was I blushing like crazy because both of these companies are so well established and have gorgeous products. I was quite flattered, I can tell you. I had been meaning to check them out but one thing leads to another and you get busy and forget or you have a wish lust list about a mile long and you want EVERYTHING but can't get it all at once. Le sigh...

Anyway, I finally went a few weeks back...this was before little Zeus came into my life. I didn't have a chance to take any photos of the inside...well, just a few and they're on my phone. The Lush I went to was smaller in size...sooo cute and smelled amazing! I know I've read some reviews where peeps weren't happy with how overpowering the fragrances can be in the store but I guess because I work with fragrances all day myself for my company it just made me love it even more!! The staff was sooo nice too and helped me out to pick items and even gave me a sample for free to try. It was such a lovely experience and I'd definitely go back. 

The goodies I got, and I'm not gonna lie I went straight to the bubble bars and bath bombs because I've been drooling over them on their website, were the Brightside Bubble Bar, the Pink Bath Bomb, a sample of their Sexy Peel Lemony Soap and I got a sample of their Mask of Magnaminty Facial Mask. Let's start off with the samples I got first!!! 

They had a lot of soap to try...even Parsley Soap kittens!!...I have to admit some of the scents were a little too hippy herbally for me. I'm much more of a floral, sweet, candy, citrus that must be why I decided to try a sample of their Sexy Peel Lemon soap. It's AMAZING. Very moisturizing, smells exactly like our Lemon Pound Cake scent kittens! I'm not kidding! A warm lemony vanilla sweet scent. I love it. I would definitely get more of it. It has a slight exfoliating feel to it with the tiny bits of lemon peel in it. Super sweet buy. I might even try making my own version!! heehee...

The lovely girl who worked in Lush...  (She was SO nice! And I loved her tattoos that she had. Gotta love great customer service!) ...gave me sample of their Mask of Magnaminty mask and boy, am I love with it. It has peppermint oil in it and I swear it smells like spearmint it's so nice and mellow. It's a nice green color, has a slight exfoliation to it with ground Adzuki beans, peppermint oil, vanilla oil etc... It wasn't harsh at all and left my skin feeling very clean. Super sweet buy.

P.S Those little Pom Pom Balls next to Hello Kitty in the first photo above are my gorgeous Frilly Pops Earrings that I got especially made with clip on earrings!  You can't see it very well in these photos but they have iridescent glitter in them. They're soo cute! I still need to get a cute enough outfit for these!! lol...

The next thing I got was their Pink Bath Bomb! I couldn't not get it. I mean, look at it! PINK! and cute little flowers in it....and when I popped it in the water little itty bitty hearts floated out. SO cute.  

It didn't fizz quite long enough for me...but it was fun seeing the water turn a pretty pink. Who wouldn't want to bathe in pink water?! #beautyprincess #pink #girly It smelled like well....candy! It says it's fragranced with tonka bean, vanilla and neroli. I almost didn't want to use's so pretty. 

  Now, we come to quite possibly my favorite product out of them all, the "Brightside" Bubble Bar. OMG. I LOVE THIS THING. First of all...the colors! It's so gorgeous and I love the idea of a solid bubble bar. It smells like a delicious orange but better! SO citrusy! I first broke it in half...(And it wasn't hard to break in half either. I was worried about that.) ...and used one half in a bath and the I was in heaven. It smelled so wonderful.

I really wanted it to last so I took the other half and broke it into three parts. I wanted to see how much I could use and still get a big tub full of bubbles. First I took one of the three parts and crumbled it under the water like the first half I did. I didn't really get as much bubbles as my first bath so I was kind of bummed. Then, I took the second piece from the three and just put it whole under running water and whoa! There were as many bubbles as my first bath so now instead of crumbling it in my bath I just put it whole under running bath water. I got about 4 uses out of this bubble bar but if I would have broken it up like the second half I would say I could easily get 6 uses!! I've got to figure out how to make these things...they're soo wonderful but until then I'll probably be getting another one of these yummy smelling bubble bars. *wink* 

So what did you think kittens? I've been wanting to get this up for weeks...I'm a bit of a perfectionist and wanted these photos to look awesome for you which means taking forever to get them edited. Ha! I can see why peeps love Lush so much.  (Even Antoinette my Unicorn wants to get a sniff of the pretties!) 



  1. Just love Lush, all their products are amazing!! xx

    1. They really are!! I'm so glad I finally tried them out. I LOOOOOVE that citrus bubble bar!! I need to figure out how to make them so I can add them to the shop. OH, man, that would be awesome!! Mmm, I can already see the possibilities! Black Licorice bubble bars, rose, sweet pea, gingerbread, coconut lemongrass! Oh, my!!!