LIFESTYLE ♥ Meet my New Kitty James! ♥

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hey beauties, hope you're having a super sweet week. I thought I'd take the time to introduce you to my kitty. I know I said I wouldn't get another kitty...I mean, four was my limit. Whew! I only ever wanted one pet, cat or dog, I've love them with all my heart but here I am now, with five kitties!! I can't help heart is just way too big and squishy for it's own good. I have to admit I've always wanted a black kitty. I never understood why some people didn't like black kitties. I think they're gorgeous and super special. And James here is all that and more! 

I decided to call this sweetheart James well, because he looks like a James to me. lol... but also the name James has some good feelings attached to it. James was the name of the first boy I had a crush on...tall, dark and handsome. haha, James here has the dark and handsome in his favor even if he is a tad short. I also named him after James of my favorite actors and James T. Kirk...because I'm such a Trekkie! Take a peek at all the cuteness in the photos below!   

Look at that adorable face! He really is such a sweetheart too.
Within one week he was fast friends with all the other kitties, especially Zeus!

Holding hands. He actually did his first love dance after I took this photo! He's just like Zeus in that he is very, very affectionate & loves to do them as much as he does.Look! he's waving to you below! ha! Awww, kitten paws.  

Fast asleep on my pretty rose bedspread. He's SO fluffy and soft too. 

James is a pretty special kitty (I think all my kitties are special by the way! *wink*) He's half the size of all my kitties but act's like he's bigger and boy! can he jump! He follows Zeus around everywhere and loves to play with his's a constant source of delight for me! And the sounds he makes...cute little warble sounds. I'm so glad this little cupcake is a part of my kitty squad now. 

You can expect to see lots more photos of him and all my other kitties up on my InstagramFollow along if you're not already. *wink wink*



  1. James is a cutie! Thanks for introducing him to us!
    5 cats! Wow that's a lot! If it works for you then great! :D
    Much love,

    1. He really is!! Haha, it seems like a lot but they're so easy to care for and all such sweethearts and I've wanted to have a pet ever since I was a little girl and for one reason or another it never happened. So i guess I'm making up for lost time...giggle.. I just love them to bits. Thanks for visiting lovely. I always look forward to your comments. xoxox

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm completely with you on adoring black kittens - how on Earth could anyone not love them?! This is a wonderful addition to your ever-growing kitty family :)

  3. Omg such a cutie!! :))