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Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer is almost over...I'm so not ready. *pout* I love all this lovely hot weather....though it could be a tad bit cooler on some days. You could cook an egg on the sidewalk it's soo hot! I went outside for literally five minutes in the direct sun and immediately became covered in sweat! I wasn't even doing anything to work up a sweat! Whew!! 

So it's time to start thinking about Halloween! I love Halloween...all the spooky stories, getting dressed up (which I wish I did more of!), and coming up with a spooky beauty collection for our beauty brand. This year we're going to create a new one called "Witchy Things" which was partly inspired from the Netflix TV show "Stranger Things" and my love for all things witchy! Man, I can't wait for the next season of "Stranger Things" was SO good, wasn't it? and I do love Winona Ryder. 

I'm currently working on our Halloween collection "Witchy Things" right now... a Custom Beauty Bar where you can pick a scent and product and make up a puuuurfecty witchy product just for you. *wink* We're going to have one product called "The Blood of Thine Enemies" which is a face mask with goodies like clay, sandalwood powder, rose absolute and more! Such a cool name, right? Spooky and totally got a Game of Thrones theme going on there. Bwahahaha!!! 

Here's a fun little Halloween tidbit...did you know black cats weren't really the first familiars of witches? It was the tabby! My Zeus is a tabby and my first kitty I ever had. He actually found me by ending up at my front door so does that make him my familiar? lol.. Tabbies also are considered to have magical powers! I definitely think he's magical! 

For black cats, I think it was around the Medieval Period when people started associating them with witches because of their black color and the fact that they like to roam out at night. Some might say they're bad luck...but I know that isn't true! They're good luck and SO awesome! I have a new kitten James, and he's all black and just as magical and sweet as my Zeus. You can see sweet photos of them and all my other sweet babies which are all Japanese Bobtails! (except of course Zeus!) and in Japan are considered extremely good luck, up on my instagram.  Feel free to follow along...there's always photos of kitties, fashion, our beauty products and lots of inspo going on. *wink*

So to help celebrate Fall and Halloween I decided to feature this song by Bananarama - Venus. Believe it or not this is the first time I've seen the video of this song! and OMG,it's perfect. Devils, Witches, Goddesses, French Femme Fatales and Aphrodite!!! It's actually the inspiration behind a new product coming to our "Witchy Things" Collection. A "Crushing on You" Fizzing Bath Powder called "I'm Your Venus" that will be hot pink with rose buds, epsom salts, soothing baking soda and moisturizing oils that smell like cotton candy, vanilla and caramel. You just toss it in your tub, watch it fizz and bloom in the water making it smell & look amazing! Oh, yeah, baby she's got it! *wink*



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  1. Great post darling!
    I personally love autumn so I'm really happy summer has come to an end.
    Hope you have a great weekend
    Much love,