MUSIC ♥ I'm Feeling Love for August ♥

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August sure got here fast, didn't it? I feel like things have gotten a little slow on the beauty front...I'm going to need to hustle in the beauty lab to get things revving again. Maybe some new potions...I know I want to get a new website...but I can't seem to decide on a template. sigh... So many to choose from!! I'm very picky, all right. hahaha...

Anyway, I've got a lot of great ideas for new potions that I'll be working on and hopefully they'll be coming soon to our shop. Maybe some fizzy crushed bath soaks, bath melts, new cleansers and facial soap bars and masks and more!! I'm so excited! If you have any suggestions on products or scents you want to see in our shop, comment below. Until then, let's enjoy some sweet music and let's welcome August!! 

*Pics Via We Heart It*




  1. I love that quote! I'm somebody who is 100% behind working hard to get what you want, no slacking ;D - is that image yours or someone else's? I'd love to put it on my Instagram but I'm not one for stealing images/not giving credit <3

    1. Yep, I work and work and work on my beauty's never ending but worth it when peeps tell me how much they love our beauty products. I found it online at weheartit. Oops, I usually link to where I find my images but forgot to do it on this post. Thanks for reminding me!