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Monday, November 28, 2016

Finally! I had to wait forever for my pretty pink heels for this outfit post but they finally arrived along with some absolutely adorable Hello Kitty Nail Polish allowing me to be able to take some pretty photos of my new gorgeous Heart of Haute Sweeetie Gingham Dress. SO IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING! Let's get started babes! I was gifted the Sweetie Gingham Dress from Heart of Haute for this outfit and while it says it's an aqua color, I kind of feel like it's a pretty minty color. I got it in the XS and it fits like a dream! I've never worn a dress this length though. Most of my dresses have been mid thigh and I wasn't sure I could pull it off since I'm on the shorter side. heehee...but it's darling! That's the perfect word to describe darling.


I look like I'm saying, "AS IF!" here, don'I I? #clueless *giggle* I accessorized the outfit with my 6% Doki Doki Heart & Pearls Necklace and BIG Heart gem ring. 
LOOOOVE them so much!! 

You can see the pretty gingham pattern in this closeup. My pink heart necklace really pops, doesn't it? :) And new nails, but more about that further down the post. 

Ugh, my new pink heels below. Aren't they soooo purty? I also got some Hello Kitty Nail Polish in Pink, though it's actually a peachy color. Not sure how I feel about it though. It's okay but not my favorite color. It took like four coats to get it completely opaque but I have to be honest I got the nail polish just for the bottle. I mean, LOOK AT IT!!! CUTENESS!!!!

❤ Closeup.
That tie in the front can be worn on the back too. 

New nails. Decided to try a ballerina coffin shape and I kind of like them! Very posh. I've had the shape for awhile now so I might try a stiletto/almond look next!!  I get bored easily. hahaha..... You can find this purse in my shop. Links will be below! 

Cuteness!! Look at that bottle! You twist off the Hello Kitty top and it has a brush on the end. *screaming* at it's cuteness!! When I finally get my perfect vanity it'll look so adorable displayed on it. 

The back! Sooo pretty! 


Jewelry: 6% Doki Doki
Lipstick: Etude House Vivid Popstick Baby // similar here

You peeps need to check out Heart of Haute asap! So many pretties!!  
Here are some of the pretties I'm currently coveting...
Deidre Dress in Burgundy, the Estelle Blouse in Ruby, the Amanda Dress in Cherry Dot Black, and more! Check out their website and come back and tell me your favorite item!  




  1. You look really sweet, love pastel colours!
    Have a lovely week beauty!