Thursday, April 6, 2017

 I just had to share with you guys my latest buys from two of my favorite stores Ikea and Target! I got so many lovely pretties I'm beyond happy with everything. So I had a pretty pink faux fur rug I got from Homegoods but it got ruined and had to be thrown out. I've been so sad and bummed about that...I really loved that rug. I've been on the hunt for a soft pretty pastel pink faux fur rug ever since but haven't been able to find one so opted for this gorgeous white Tejn Rug from Ikea I've had my eye on for some time.

I also got some pretty Godis glasses from Ikea because I love the modern look of them. Smoothies are going to look gorgeous in them! And this Rotera lantern...look at the little stars on top!! Let's just say I'm looking forward to making some glittery PINK candle tealights for it! It's soooo cute!!!

 This white faux fur rug is SO pretty! and all the kitties approve of it! haha...

Jane Austen adores it! I also got the Smula tray and Ljuda black and white place mat.

I can't tell where Princess Lily starts and the rug ends! 
She immediately hopped on it and got all snugly. 

I already can't wait to get more from Ikea!

So I got some real gorgeous finds at Target. 
I'm like so in love with them it's not even funny.

I just want to buy everything PINK! I saw this "hello gorgeous" blush pink mug and had to have it. I'm so happy I got it. Just gives me a littlen burst of happiness every time I use it. With Easter coming up, I couldn't resist these bunny salt and pepper shakes with gold on their whittle bunny ears. ADORABLE! 

 So cute and pretty! Pink and white seems to be my go to colors lately.

 Hello GORGEOUS!! *wink*

 What do you think? Super fabulous finds or what!?! *wink* Ahh, I love retail therapy. I need to do some more...heehee... I've got denim on my mind lately...this girl needs some new jeans. Stay tuned because I've got some absolutely gorgeous fashions to share with you soon...pretty velvet, dresses, and to die for metallic, rose gold and pastel shoes!!! Eeee!!! 


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  1. LOVE your new rug doll. Isn't it nice when things are kitty approved?lol! You got some great items. Need the mug and who doesn't love bunnies?! Hope you have a great weekend doll. Kisses!