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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Get ready for some Candle Porn!! teehee... These are our "I'm Your Venus" Soy Candles that come in PINK tins!!! OMG!! Are these not the prettiest & most magical candles ever?! We recently made a batch of them and had to take some pretty updated photos. Plus, we added iridescent star glitter to it...that alone was good enough reason to take photos. GLITTER STARS!!  

We updated the labels as well since we had a snaffoo with some of our files and lost the previous label designs. It was a bummer...but we got these new beauties out of it so silver lining, right? *wink* These candles are made from Soy Wax.

♥ We LOVE using soy wax for so many reasons but here are a few for you pretty peeps. ♥ 

Cleaner Burning
Candle Burns Longer...about 30-50% longer than Paraffin Candles
No toxins likely to trigger allergies
No Soot
Made from Natural Soybeans

That's pretty good stuff, am I right? 
We've also added HEART tealights to our web shop! I repeat...HEART shaped tealights. *internal scream* Everything is better shaped like hearts, don't you agree? Get them in our "I'm Your Venus" scent "here". More to come and of course, email us to get some custom scented. *wink*

Ugh, the aesthetics are SO parfait. We use lavender, pink & iridescent glitter as well as iridescent star glitter, organic french rosebuds and rose petals on top to decorate. It's SO pretty!! 

All together now. PINK Tin Candle and Tealights! le sigh...they make me so happy just looking at them. If you guys could just scratch & sniff your computer screen you'd be in heaven. These smell like the personification of PINK! Cotton Candy, Lilies, Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberries...and everything so delicious!!!! 

Ready to shop Margarita Bloom? I thought so! *wink* Just click below and get ready to be pampered lovelies. *dimple* Sign up for our newsletter too and get 15% off your first order. Booyah!!! Love ya!


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