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Sunday, July 14, 2019

I've had quite the start to this month! Whew! I had my tv break, my toilet developed a leak making my bill double! Yikes!! & my laptop just died on me. Good grief, what else could go wrong? I can't work on my beauty orders until I get the new laptop which should be arriving next week so I'm actually doing up this blog post from my phone which I'm not used to using this way but it's working! Let's talk about something positive, shall we? 😘

So I'm pretty excited about Halloween coming up...ugh, I looooove Halloween. Basically, it's my favorite holiday right next to Valentine's Day. 🔮🎃❤ I was on instagram and came upon a post of the cutest and spookiest salt and pepper shakers on one of my new peeps feed and fell in love. I had to have them so I searched for them, found them and bought them!!! Yas!!! Omg, I adore them so much and here they are!!! 

Aren't they adorable? Cute kitty cat devil and angel salt & pepper shakers! So spooky fabulous!!! 💜  They're pretty large too....at least, they're larger than my cute bunny shakers I got from Target. They're like little pieces of art and so detailed. Their little faces are so sweet. I'm in love with them. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Do you collect salt and pepper shakers? I'm thinking I should start. 


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  1. Just so cuuuuuute!! I really want strawberry salt and pepper shakers or a flower set!!