SPOOKY ♥ Halloween Barbie 2019 ♥

Sunday, November 3, 2019

👻👻👻 I hope you had a wonderfully spooky Halloween! I love the idea of dressing up for Halloween but I never usually go all out. I somehow always feel so guilty about spending a lot of money on an outfit I may only wear one day. lol.. I really need to change that as I would love to get all spookified up as maybe a pirate, Morticia Addams, Alice in Wonderland...oh, I would love to go as Marie Antoinette!! Oui! And if I did put together a costume I would want it to be accurate as possible which means lots of $$$. Plus, I always think I'm not very photogenic as it's always so hard to get a good selfie I like. sigh.... Anyway, I decided to just go as Halloween Barbie after I found this adorable photo of her! So I found a sweater that was similar to hers and bat earrings! Here you go! Enjoy! ðŸ‘»ðŸ‘»ðŸ‘»

This sweater has to be the warmest thing I've ever worn next to my Unicorn Onesie! heehee...even this super chunky pastel sweater I have doesn't compare.

Cute little socks with a cat face that glows in the dark!

A cup of hot cocoa with a ghostie marshmallow! Yum!

Had to include a photo of these adorable salt and pepper shakers.

"I am the darkness! but cuddle me!" 
My little sweetheart James taking a nap!

Hope you had a fabulous Halloween! But just because Halloween is over don't let it deter you from being spooky!! if only peeps sold Halloween decor all year long ha! I don't know about you but I'm already counting down the days till the next Halloween! Until then, I've got a "Tinsel & Tidings" Christmas Beauty Bar Collection to put up on the site and I've got to get it decorated for Christmas so you all can have super cute retro beauty potions for X-Mas! Yay!! Love you!! 


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