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Monday, May 8, 2017

It's been awhile peep. I've pretty much not been feeling too well these last few weeks and have kind of slacked off on the blog. Sorry! I'm feeling a bit better finally and thought I'd do a post about what I've been up to lately! First off, if you haven't seen it yet go on over to our newly designed website and check it out, make a little purchase and get pampered. We hope you love the new look and it's easier navigation!! Keep a lookup for new potions coming soon! Yay!!

I got this sweet purple glittery unicorn tape dispenser awhile back from H&M. Isn't it adorable?! It even comes with rainbow tape! And I got a new phone cover...The Little Mermaid. It's the little things that make me happy. *dimple* 

My hair has been acting poopy being all dry so I whipped up a hair cocktail of oils, aloe and what not and wheeee, it worked wonders for my hair. *wink* Probably going to see if I can bottle it up and put it up on the site for you lovelies.  

More hair love after I used the serum. Plus, I got this amazingly comfortable blue off the shoulder bodysuit that I adore!! Plus, some new boyfriend jeans that are just a wee bit big but still look pretty good I think. *dimple*

James says hi! Look at this cutie pie....already a year old!!!

Our Lady in the Garden Soap and a new soap!! White as Snow Rose Soap inspired from Snow White!! I'm obsessed with ROSES lately!! Everywhere and everything should be roses!!!! Don't be surprised if you see a lot of rose inspired potions on the website. *wink*

Some new booties I got! These gorgeous metallic golden booties are sooooo gorgeous. I got them from Amiclubwear.

Ugh, so IN LOVE!!

Just a sweet closeup of this ultra comfortable and chic outfit.

We just added this potion to our "Witchy Things" Collection. Our "Hecate" Coffee Scrub Bar. Super magical and exfoliating with coffee, sugar, & cocoa butter! Named after Hecate...the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy...All hail Hecate! It's a wicked little potion that you need. 

Our "Rosie" Rose lip Balm got a makeover with a new romantic label in a new collection called "le femmes" that is a combination of our "Fairytales", "Splendor" and "Beauty, Grace & Charm" Collections. How beautiful is it?!!!! It smells amazing like sweet roses! and has a pretty pink color to it.  Pus, would you LOOK at that pink tin!!!! 

That's a few of the things I've been up to. I'm going to be working on adding more and more potions to the new beauty website so be sure to check it out, sign up for our newsletter and take advantage of the 20% off sale we have going on right now! Whoo!!  And if you have any suggestions just send them over or if you're looking for a custom potion...oh, yeah, we do that too! *dimple* Mwah!


Unicorn Tape // HM
Boyfriend Jeans // Forever21
Blue Off the Shoulder Bodysuit // Forever21
Metallic Booties // Amiclubwear 
Rosie Rose Lip Balm // Margarita Bloom
Hecate Coffee Exfoliating Scrub Bar // Margarita Bloom
Lady in the Garden Soap & White as Snow Rose Soap // Margarita Bloom


BEAUTY ♥ NEW Margarita Bloom website!! ♥

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Whoohoo! Hey babes! We finally completed our new website and it's looking super pretty in our new signature colors white and pink with tons of pinup pretties!! There's easier navigation, a search button so you can find what you're looking for fast,  big beautiful photos of our pretty potions and so much more!

Go check out the site after reading this post & treat yourself to some pampering deserve it. We've got specials galore for you!! *wink wink* 


INSPO ♥ Lindsey Wixson & V Magazine ♥

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just a little inspo to get you inspired. I adore this shoot with Lindsey Wixson for V Magazine in these positively stunning ballgowns. That last photo is just everything. Gorgeous!! Enjoy! Hope you're having a lovely week so far. Don't forget to stop by the website and get 20% off your orders...good until April 17th at midnight. *wink* 

Looking red-hot, Lindsey Wixson models Givenchy dress and shoes

Posing with Jules Horn, Lindsey Wixson wears Alexander McQueen off-the-shoulder gown with Agent Provocateur. I love how romantic that dress is. 

Lindsey Wixson models Chanel dress and bustier with Benoit cape. Jewelry by Chanel Fine Jewelry....looove the pink eye makeup!! 

Lindsey Wixson poses in polka dot print Dior gown with Manolo Blahnik heels.Very retro, don't you think?

Embracing pleats, Lindsey Wixson models Gucci dress and David Yurman necklace. THIS dress is everything!! Ooh, so gorgeous!!! 

Photos via



Thursday, April 6, 2017

 I just had to share with you guys my latest buys from two of my favorite stores Ikea and Target! I got so many lovely pretties I'm beyond happy with everything. So I had a pretty pink faux fur rug I got from Homegoods but it got ruined and had to be thrown out. I've been so sad and bummed about that...I really loved that rug. I've been on the hunt for a soft pretty pastel pink faux fur rug ever since but haven't been able to find one so opted for this gorgeous white Tejn Rug from Ikea I've had my eye on for some time.

I also got some pretty Godis glasses from Ikea because I love the modern look of them. Smoothies are going to look gorgeous in them! And this Rotera lantern...look at the little stars on top!! Let's just say I'm looking forward to making some glittery PINK candle tealights for it! It's soooo cute!!!

 This white faux fur rug is SO pretty! and all the kitties approve of it! haha...

Jane Austen adores it! I also got the Smula tray and Ljuda black and white place mat.

I can't tell where Princess Lily starts and the rug ends! 
She immediately hopped on it and got all snugly. 

I already can't wait to get more from Ikea!

So I got some real gorgeous finds at Target. 
I'm like so in love with them it's not even funny.

I just want to buy everything PINK! I saw this "hello gorgeous" blush pink mug and had to have it. I'm so happy I got it. Just gives me a littlen burst of happiness every time I use it. With Easter coming up, I couldn't resist these bunny salt and pepper shakes with gold on their whittle bunny ears. ADORABLE! 

 So cute and pretty! Pink and white seems to be my go to colors lately.

 Hello GORGEOUS!! *wink*

 What do you think? Super fabulous finds or what!?! *wink* Ahh, I love retail therapy. I need to do some more...heehee... I've got denim on my mind lately...this girl needs some new jeans. Stay tuned because I've got some absolutely gorgeous fashions to share with you soon...pretty velvet, dresses, and to die for metallic, rose gold and pastel shoes!!! Eeee!!! 



Wednesday, March 29, 2017

 I just adore Marie Antoinette, from the original Queen herself to the movie, "Marie Antoinette" with Kirsten Dunst. It inspires me to no ends. The lavishness, the decadence, the pretty desserts, tall hair, prettily pastel gowns and more. So we decided to give our Antoinette's Summer Palace Mud Masque a little update with new packaging as you can see below! SOO PINK! What do you think? The mud masque is made from dead sea mud with rose absolute and a heavenly rose fragrance. It's a decadently thick mud masque that goes on smoothly and leaves you detoxed and feeling oh, so gorgeous. It'll help your skin's circulation, certain skin conditions, soften, moisturize, and more.

There's also one of our newest nail polishes we call, "Marie Antoinette" a magical blue confetti glitter. Isn't it pretty? Whenever I think of Marie Antoinette I always think of the colors baby pink and blue which is why our new rose mud masque was styled in those colors. #PinkAestheticForever

Pretty blue sparkly nails! They're just sooo glittery!!! Should we add this confetti blue glitter to our nail polishes? Nay or yay? Let us know in the comments below.

What do you think of the new containers? Tres glam? If you want to order our delightfully decadent rose mud masque you can find it here and to take advantage of our 20% off special just email us your order. *wink*



Sunday, March 12, 2017

 It's always a happy day when I get a Kawaii Box in the mail! I just love getting this sweet and fun box and ripping it open to see what pretty goodies it has. Let's see what's in my most current one!! and make sure to read all the way to the end of my could win one of these boxes in our giveaway. Whoo!

So many cute things! Let's start off with the cutest of the whole bunch!!
The Nemuneko Plushie! How adorable is it? Look at that sweet face & its cute little pink ears. Awww......

A cute ghost pop mirror! perfect to put in your purse for lipstick touch ups.

There was a pin inside my Kawaii Box! A Harajuki Ichigo Badge! I LOVE it!
Sweet cupcakes, rainbows and Ichigo too! 

A PINK Bow hair clip! So sweet!! 

This may be my favorite of all in my Kawaii Box. It's a Pen shaped like a Pocky Stick.
Loved the packaging with the little red polka dot bow.

So effing cute, right?

Can you believe these are ERASERS? Korean Meal Eraser Set. 
SO DETAILED! and utterly adorable. 

OMG, I want to put these heart stickers on EVERYTHING!! and they're fluffy & plush!! I love touching them. heehee... Such pretty pastel colors too.

These are Twinkle Deco Jewels...again...I want to put them on everything! 
Sparkle, sparkle!! SO PRETTY. 

This sweet bunny is a phone ring holder and stand. Look at that little face. 

Candy time! A sweet Disney Popcan Grape Lollipop shaped like Mickey Mouse!

I love these little DIY candy kits. This is the Kracie Popin' Cookin' Colorful Ramune Land Kit. It made candy that tasted like soda pop. 

It came with a candy mold in cute little shapes, spoon and a measuring cup for the water and three packets of the candy dry mixture that comes in red, blue and yellow. You just add one little cup of water to each bag and mix. Here they are below all mixed up. 

You can even mix the colors together. Here's a closeup of the mold, mixing cup and a tiny little bowl to mix the colors in. You just cut the bowl and measuring cup off to use. You take the mixtures and push them into the mold or mix for instance the blue and yellow together to get green and push them into the mold. They pop out perfectly. 

Here are the finished candies! They taste just like soda pop. I loved the little pineapples the best. They're sooo cute!!

Here's a palm tree! You can see I mixed blue & yellow together to get the green I used for the palms on top. Haha, so fun!

Here's the sweet blue penguin I made. They were quite tasty. Yum yum!

A cute little closeup of my Nemuneko Plushie again just cause it's sooo adorable. What did you think? Sweetness is just exploding from my Kawaii Box, right? Ready for a giveaway? Want one for yourself? I bet you do. *wink* Just enter below. Open Internationally. Best of luck pretty peeps!!