REVIEW ♥ Pretty Litter!! ♥

Monday, August 20, 2018

I just received a wonderful product for my kitties called Pretty Litter and it is sooo awesome. My kitties and I both love it. ♥♥♥ First of all this is no ordinary litter. It actually helps to monitor your kitty's health! That's right peeps it can tell you if there might be something wrong with your kitty. I always worry about my sweet kitties and this is perfect to use in between vet visits and it actually gets delivered straight to your door so you don't have to go to the store and lug home all that litter especially if you have five kitties like I do. Let's get started with the unboxing!  

♥ New Flamingo Pens and Macaron Soaps!! ♥

Friday, July 27, 2018

Added some pretties to the shop!! Aren't they adorable!!? Some ultra kawaii flamingo and swan pens!! Doesn't it just make writing that to do list so much more fun? *wink*


Saturday, May 26, 2018

I haven't had a chance to take full pictures yet of this gorgeous PINK GINGHAM!! dress but I did do an unboxing! Here's a sneaky peek of it and I'll work on making an outfit post so you can see how it looks on. This is my first purchase from Bonne Chance and I'm sure I'll be making lots more. This dress is just sooo well made and absolutely cute and even the packaging is utterly adorable! They really go the extra mile at Bonne Chance even including a handwritten note with my order. 


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Any chance I get I stop by Home Goods I do. Along with Michaels and Target, Home Goods is one of my favorite stores and OMG, I could just spend days in there buying everything cute they have. I have to admit I tend to head towards the kids section first because everything is always SO darn adorable, pastel and pretty! I had been wanting to get a pretty vintage teapot and teacup and even though these aren't vintage...they're very much vintage looking and I just fell in love at first sight of them. I had to have them. I only wish they had had at least one more teacup but alas, I got the last one. Are they not the prettiest things ever!!!?? I'm so in love. 

It's my goal to start making my life as aesthetically pretty as it is in my head. I spend a lot of time up on Tumblr and dude, how I wish my life was as pretty as some of the tumblr pages I come across, all pink and girly, and magical. My place is far from looking the way I want it to but I'm working on it! 

To the left, is my vintage kitty...perfume bottle!! Yes, you heard me's a perfume BOTTLE!
It's SOOOOO cute!! It actually has the original perfume in it too and came in the original box complete with kitties on it. The base is the perfume bottle with pretty pink bows and the kitty comes off revealing a cap where you can access the perfume. Oh, it's just too precious. *heart melts*

I looooove this teacup. The pretty scallop design is so vintage looking, oui? I saw some strawberries and creme tea up on etsy I think I need to get to try with these new beauties. 


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I spent mine relaxing with the kitties & making yummy food and stuffing myself with delicious chocolate. I was happy to sit back and just relax since I've been pretty busy with sweet smelling orders lately. I live an exciting life! hahaha....


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's been forever since I last posted but that's because I've been super busy with orders so that's always a fabulous excuse for not doing up any blog posts, don't ya think? haha... 

Some fabulous news...we have three new stockists that you can find our 
pretty potions at. *rainbow glitter throw*

Our first new stockist is Wit & Whim in New York and our next one is Hello Tallulah in Texas 
and our third one is Whimsy & Lace Studio where you can find our I'm Your Venus 
Heart Tealight Candles in their subscription boxes! 2018 is looking good. *wink*

Also, we're adding some new lipsticks to the site starting with this pretty 
one below that just went off to our new stockist Hello Tallulah. 

Our "Starlet" Matte lipstick in a gorgeous!! blue based red! It's soo creamy, won't dry your lips out, 
has gorgeous color payoff and smells like vanilla cake! Could you ask for anything 
else in a lipstick?  Of course, it's suuuuuper cute packaging!! Keep scrolling 
down to find a link to this beauty on our web shop.