FASHION ♥ Heart of Haute Sweetie Gingham Dreams ♥

Monday, November 28, 2016

Finally! I had to wait forever for my pretty pink heels for this outfit post but they finally arrived along with some absolutely adorable Hello Kitty Nail Polish allowing me to be able to take some pretty photos of my new gorgeous Heart of Haute Sweeetie Gingham Dress. SO IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING! Let's get started babes! I was gifted the Sweetie Gingham Dress from Heart of Haute for this outfit and while it says it's an aqua color, I kind of feel like it's a pretty minty color. I got it in the XS and it fits like a dream! I've never worn a dress this length though. Most of my dresses have been mid thigh and I wasn't sure I could pull it off since I'm on the shorter side. heehee...but it's darling! That's the perfect word to describe darling.


I look like I'm saying, "AS IF!" here, don'I I? #clueless *giggle* I accessorized the outfit with my 6% Doki Doki Heart & Pearls Necklace and BIG Heart gem ring. 
LOOOOVE them so much!! 

You can see the pretty gingham pattern in this closeup. My pink heart necklace really pops, doesn't it? :) And new nails, but more about that further down the post. 

Ugh, my new pink heels below. Aren't they soooo purty? I also got some Hello Kitty Nail Polish in Pink, though it's actually a peachy color. Not sure how I feel about it though. It's okay but not my favorite color. It took like four coats to get it completely opaque but I have to be honest I got the nail polish just for the bottle. I mean, LOOK AT IT!!! CUTENESS!!!!

❤ Closeup.
That tie in the front can be worn on the back too. 

New nails. Decided to try a ballerina coffin shape and I kind of like them! Very posh. I've had the shape for awhile now so I might try a stiletto/almond look next!!  I get bored easily. hahaha..... You can find this purse in my shop. Links will be below! 

Cuteness!! Look at that bottle! You twist off the Hello Kitty top and it has a brush on the end. *screaming* at it's cuteness!! When I finally get my perfect vanity it'll look so adorable displayed on it. 

The back! Sooo pretty! 


Jewelry: 6% Doki Doki
Lipstick: Etude House Vivid Popstick Baby // similar here

You peeps need to check out Heart of Haute asap! So many pretties!!  
Here are some of the pretties I'm currently coveting...
Deidre Dress in Burgundy, the Estelle Blouse in Ruby, the Amanda Dress in Cherry Dot Black, and more! Check out their website and come back and tell me your favorite item!  



FASHION ♥ Fa La La La La Winter Coat Wishlist ♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving week pretties! I was browsing through the StyleWe website (They have so many cute things!!) and realized I don't have that many pretty coats! So I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of my favorite ones so I can slowly work my way down my wishlist and add a few of these beauties to my closet. *wink*

♡ Winter Coat Wishlist 

 I had to have some pretty pink coats and some festive red and green ones too! Which one is your favorite? I have to admit I'm in love with that PINK mermaid coat!! ...sigh...I love them all. And don't you just love the over sized bows?  *wink* Stop by and shop at StyleWe on cyber many lovely black Friday deals too!! Stay tuned because I've got lots more posts coming!! Tis the season! 

If you haven't already stop by our websites and check out our "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Christmas Collection....pretty pampering potions to get you in the spirit and we've got a 15% off special going on! Yay!! Our gift from us to you. *dimple*



BEAUTY ♥ Custom Magical Beauty Potions ♥

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sometimes we get custom requests for our potions and we're always happy to get to working on creating gorgeous creations for our peeps and that's where this order came from! Some magical scents from our "Witchy Things" Collection created in some of our fabulous beauty potions! This magical collection is still up on our website if you would like to order any of these or other mystical potions. *wink* 

Our Tarot: The Lovers Potions. Left to right. Tarot: The Lovers Body Oil, Tarot: The Lovers Bubble Bath, Tarot: The Lovers Butter + Sea Salt Bath Soak.

This fragrance is sooo seductive consisting of orange blossom, jasmine and rose blend in harmony with ylang, lily, honey and lilac. 

A closeup of the Tarot: The Lovers Butter + Sea Salt Soak with rose petals. 
Isn't the label sooo lovely? It's actually designed after an original  Lovers Card in a Tarot Deck.

Our Blood of Thine Enemies Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub that smells of heavenly sandalwood and roses and our Casting the Runes Bubble Bath. This scent is to die for... notes of vanilla, jasmine, violet blend with lavender and rose on a warm, woody base. 

This is our Batsy Batsy (Name inspired by the Suicide Squad Movie of course!) Butterkissed Oil and Creme Balm....Smells of dirty jasmine blended with ylang-ylang,
sandalwood, vanilla and rose!! It will really moisturize your skin. Just scoop a bit of the oil and the creme and rub together in your hands before applying to your skin! Ultra hydration. *wink*

Closeup of our Tarot: The Lovers Body Oil. So magical! 

 This potion just has the most fabulous name! Blood of Thine Enemies!! Haha, so when someone says you smell soo good, what did you use? You can say The Blood of Thine Enemies! *evil laugh* Inspired by one of my favorite shows, Game of Thrones. 

 What do you think? You like? Love? Comment below and tell me which one of these potions you liked the best or check out our "Witchy Things" Collection's been so popular we decided to keep it up!! If you want to order any of these pretty potions for yourself or anything from our catalog just email us. We can't wait to pamper the heck out of you. *warm smiles*



OOTD ♥ Giving off Witchy Vibes ♥

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Is there anything more witchy than black and white stripes? I couldn't resist pairing my pretty black and white off the shoulder crop top with a gorgeous pleated white skirt which gives off the subtle illusion of stripes even though it's all one color. Don't you just love pleated skirts?!! I just want them in every color!! 

Feeling delightfully spooky with my black as midnight nails and I'm wearing our "Witchy Things" Dark Plum Matte Rich & Famous Lipstick from our "Witchy Things" Collection! As always if you want to order one just email us and we can whip up an invoice for you. 

I adore these heels...and even if they are a pain in the patootie to wear they're one of my favorite shoes I own. 

I've put a spell on you. Resting Witch Face. Hahaha....I swear I'm not plotting evil spells in this photo. I was concentrating too much on trying to get a good shot of my lipstick. *dimple*

Long Hair. Long nails. Long legs. 

♡  Outfit Details 
Crop Top: Romne
Heels: Boohoo
Nails: Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Skirt: White Pleated Skirt
Lipstick: "Witchy Things" Dark plum Matte Rich & Famous Lipstick
(Email us to order our lipstick...margarita_bloom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Below is a widget where you can find some similar items to what I'm wearing.
What do you think of my look? Loving the black nail polish? 
Ever worn a plum lippy before? Share your thoughts!!
I'm thinking I might need to invest in some tights so I can wear cute outfits like this and stay toasty during the cold weather. Brrr..... *wink*  

🎃  Happy October ghouls and witchy poos!! 🎃



BEAUTY ♥ A Tale of Witchy Things. ♥

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy October pretty witches! Ah, the month of spooky fabulous delights, pumpkin everything!! (I just made a pumpkin cheesecake too!!) and our new spooky collection "Witchy Things". This may be my favorite collection of all time!! I love Halloween...all the fabulous movies I get to watch..."Hocus Pocus", my favorite Elvira Movies, the CANDY!!!, playing dress up (though I don't get to do that as much as I want to!) and pretty & magical beauty potions like the ones below. These are a few of the beauty treats in our new collection "Witchy Things" which you can find up on our website. Look at all the prettiness!!! 

These are our "Into the Woods We Go" Sandalwood & Rose Fizzing Bath Cake Melts. They're full of cocoa butter, botanicals and more that will fizz in your bath releasing all their wonderful moisture and earthy rosy scent.

Pretty Pink satin and black as midnight labels and there's lace paper with glitter on it too!! 

Another shot of the bath cakes...look how big they are! Only $7.50 per each one. 

Something new we're gonna be adding to our catalog...a new lip color "Witchy Things" a Dark Plum Matte Rich & Famous Lipstick. Email us to order pretties.

Our irresistible "Nymph" Under Eye Creme! and Ugh, look how pretty and SO pink! They have raspberry oil, squalene, peptides, caffeine and black currant oils in it. It comes with a heavenly and magical sniff of Bulgarian Lavender Oil but if you want to get it unscented just email us. It's specially formulated for dark circles and under eye bags so you can have a gorgeous come hither stare.... *wink* It even comes in a gorgeous pink satin bag.   

Now, these...these I'm super excited about. I really wanted to add more color to our line of beauty potions and more pink loveliness. Ergo, the pink tins.  I'm SO in love with them. Our candles are now going to come in these. These our are "I'm Your Venus" Candles named after the Bananarama Song...they smell so goddess worthy...cotton candy, vanilla, lily, strawberry, caramel, and more!! They're colored a pretty pink purple and adorned with rose petals, lavender buds and pretty sparkly glitter. Holy Hannah, they're SO perfect!!! They come in a sparkly white organza bag too. 

Our "Mermaid " Facial and Body Cleanser...I am addicted to this stuff! SUPER moisturizing it's everything I ever wanted in a shower creme. You will LOOOOVE it!! These cleansers come chalk full of coconut oil, coconut milk, olive oil and our "Mermaid" one even has seaweed in it! smells like bottled sea air, green fresh crisp ocean green, beguiling night blooming jasmine, muguet and mossy-greens with amber, musk & cedar. Oh,'ll love it. *wink* It even comes in two sizes...4oz and 8oz. Below is our "I'm Your Venus" Facial and Body's PINK!!! *screams silently* It's so much fun to use. heehee...

Those are just a few sneaky peeks at our potions that you can find in our "Witchy Things" Collection...what do you think...spooky and fabulous right? Plus, we have a special going on now where you can get a free What a Delightful Eyevul Eye Creme when you order over $60+ in your order before shipping. Yay!! No code required. Happy October witchy poos!! Let me know what you think of these potions and if you have any requests or ideas for more spooky products!! I'm going to go stuff my face with some of that pumpkin cheesecake now! *wink wink*



FOOD ♥ Halloween Treats. No Tricks. ♥

Monday, September 5, 2016

Halloween is coming!! Yes!! I thought I'd do a little post about two of my favorite sweet treats...I'm sure come Halloween time the Trick or Treaters would LOVE to have these beauties in their treat bags. I know I would.  *dimple*

How pretty is the packaging?! I do love gorgeous always draws me in. I waited for quite a bit for my Pocky to get to me. It came all the way from Japan!
And the LARABAR I got at my local grocer. Super yummy.    

This LARABAR called Cashew Cookie (They have other flavors as well) consists of only two ingredients: Dates and Cashew. It's sooo good! I bet you could even make this yourself if you're a DIY-er like me. I just might give it a go. *wink* 

So this is Pocky and it came all the way from Japan. Only cost me $2.00 and it's one tasty treat! This one is Strawberry Flavored covered stick biscuits. OMG, it's sooo good. Look at the strawberry covered bag on the inside. It's even cute too!!  

Here's what it looks like. See? Biscuit sticks with strawberry frosting on about 95% of the biscuits. I can guarantee you if these are in your Trick or Treaters bags this'll have TONS of Trick or Treaters next year. Oh, yeah! They're soo yummy. You can even find them in Walmart or your local Asian grocer. I get so excited about food...and wanted to share this with you peeps. I hope I introduced you to something new that you can try and fall in love with too.