BEAUTY ♥ Spooks & Scares Ouija Board Planchette Soap ♥

Monday, September 18, 2017

Halloween has arrived at Margarita Bloom! We just put up our "Witchy Things" Collection with a few new pretty potions added. Just head over to our home page and click on the "Witchy Things" Collection image and it'll pop up a PDF of all the magical and spooky potions you can get custom made for you!!! Imagine...potions made just for "you"!! Here's a new one we added directly to our web shop under the same collection. Our *NEW* Spooks & Scares Ouija Board Planchette Soap!! It looks pretty realistic, doesn't it?

They come in three styles to choose from spooky peeps!! A pure black one scented in Black Licorice, a silver glittery one also scented in Black Licorice and a Berry colored one scented in our Limited Edition Blackberry Spice! Which one do you want or do you want them all? 

Spooky fabulousness! I'm kind of in love with that blood red rose I got too! 
Perfect prop for a wicked photoshoot. *wink*

You can get these spooky magical soaps here up on our web shop.
Have at it peeps!
Plus, you can get FREE shipping with orders over $50 using code: SPOOKYSHIP
Happy Spooky Pampering peeps!!


OOTD ♥ Gingham Barbie ♥

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eee! I love gingham, don't you? This two piece toast gingham set is a dream to wear! so comfortable and perfect for the summer. It's made from a lightweight fabric and fits like a glove. I really love the dresses I've gotten from Tobi...I got a red one that reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer and just made me feel sooo glamorous. I totally need more gingham and red outfits in my life. *wink*   

I paired it with these pink strappy heels that are from AmiClubwear. They have some amazing shoes there and outfits and pretty darn affordable. Haha, these heels are a bit taller than I would have liked...i tend to like a middle height for my heels just so they're comfortable but these are just so pretty I couldn't help myself to them. *dimple*

My puffy heart necklace I made. And some new cherry pink lip gloss I've been experimenting with!!! The photo doesn't do it justice!! It's the glossiest prettiest pinky red....I'm waiting for some lip gloss wands to get here so I can put it up online on my web shop. I'm going to call it "Love Witch" for our Halloween Collection "Witchy Things" Eeee!!

I just LOVE that little pink wallet. It has a sweet little golden bow on it. So girly and pretty!! I can't believe I got it off of Ebay!! I found a wishlist on a fellow bloggers page...Love Catherine and knew I had to get it as soon as I saw it. 

♡ Outfit Details 

Gingham Two Piece Outfit // Tobi
Pink Heels // AmiClubwear
Pink Purse // Ebay
Heart Necklace // Handmade
Love Witch Lip Gloss // Margarita Bloom

♥ Similar Pretties 


BEAUTY ♥ I'm Your Venus "Witchy Things" Soy Candle ♥

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Get ready for some Candle Porn!! teehee... These are our "I'm Your Venus" Soy Candles that come in PINK tins!!! OMG!! Are these not the prettiest & most magical candles ever?! We recently made a batch of them and had to take some pretty updated photos. Plus, we added iridescent star glitter to it...that alone was good enough reason to take photos. GLITTER STARS!!  

We updated the labels as well since we had a snaffoo with some of our files and lost the previous label designs. It was a bummer...but we got these new beauties out of it so silver lining, right? *wink* These candles are made from Soy Wax.

♥ We LOVE using soy wax for so many reasons but here are a few for you pretty peeps. ♥ 

Cleaner Burning
Candle Burns Longer...about 30-50% longer than Paraffin Candles
No toxins likely to trigger allergies
No Soot
Made from Natural Soybeans

That's pretty good stuff, am I right? 
We've also added HEART tealights to our web shop! I repeat...HEART shaped tealights. *internal scream* Everything is better shaped like hearts, don't you agree? Get them in our "I'm Your Venus" scent "here". More to come and of course, email us to get some custom scented. *wink*

Ugh, the aesthetics are SO parfait. We use lavender, pink & iridescent glitter as well as iridescent star glitter, organic french rosebuds and rose petals on top to decorate. It's SO pretty!! 

All together now. PINK Tin Candle and Tealights! le sigh...they make me so happy just looking at them. If you guys could just scratch & sniff your computer screen you'd be in heaven. These smell like the personification of PINK! Cotton Candy, Lilies, Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberries...and everything so delicious!!!! 

Ready to shop Margarita Bloom? I thought so! *wink* Just click below and get ready to be pampered lovelies. *dimple* Sign up for our newsletter too and get 15% off your first order. Booyah!!! Love ya!


FOOD ♥ Matcha Green Tea LOVE ♥

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I'm SOOO excited to try this Matcha Green Tea from Jade Leaf Matcha out! They were so kind to send me a sample to try out and review. I've only ever tried the Matcha Green Tea Latte from Starbucks (YUM!!!) and the one from Trader Joe's. This is Premium Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea with nothing else added and it's also gluten free & vegan. It's sooo delicious peeps. I'm pretty addicted to it. I've almost used up my stash of it and am so going to have to get some more. *wink* Blogger get addicted to all the spooned goodies sent your way! teehee... It comes in a 30 gram packet and you might think that's not a lot but it really did last a long time for such a small size!

Their Matcha comes from their partner farm in Uji, Japan. Matcha itself is full of antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, detoxifies, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, is a great source of natural energy and great for mental clarity. It's pretty amazing stuff. It has a very earthy rich flavor and it's just SOOOO good. I made a few things with it, a Matcha Green Tea Latte and Frappe! I also made some Matcha cupcakes which were amazingly tasty...but didn't get a chance to take photos as they were gobbled up immediately. Hahaha...  

    Here are a few recipes that I made with my Jade Leaf Matcha that you can try out yourself. The Cookies are these delicious Bourbon Petit White Chocolate Filled Cookies! You can get them at Blippo here.... and Market Tokyo on Ebay.

Next up, a Matcha Green Tea Frappe! My favorite! So GOOD on a hot summer day!! I'm gonna be making a LOT of these! teehee...Look how pretty it turned out. I had to top it off with whipped creme and a dusting of the Matcha. I had a Starbucks cup leftover from the last time I got a frappe so figured why not use it!! 

I just love eating pretty food!!! Look how greeeeen it is!!! sigh...
Recipe below! You can save my recipe cards and print them out so you can make your own!! Yay! Feel free to show me your pretty results from this post. 



Friday, July 28, 2017

Okay, how freaking awesome is this campaign by Gucci!!!!?? I love the whole theme of outer space & syfy fantasy!! Here are some of my favorite photos from the campaign!!

Aesthetics peeps!!! That green skin and red lips!

Ah, romance among the stars!

Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!

Those Boots!!!!! and the tights!!!!! I love it!!

Cool shoes but I want those rose tights!!!!! SO dreamy. I love roses everything!

Eee! Those lace heels and rose socks!! Yas!

Beam me up Scotty!! Especially, in that pretty PINK coat!!

Oh my gosh, I just love this one. The Creature from the Black Lagoon! And would you look at those shoes with pearls?!!! Sigh... You can see more of the campaign here.... what do you think? Which photo is your favorite!!? 


REVIEW & GIVEAWAY ♥ BLIPPO SURPRISE BAG! All the cuteness!! I just can't!♥

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hey Beauties!! Time for another ultra supa cute review & giveaway from Kawaii Box or actually this time it's from! They have a new Surprise Bag just brimming with amazingly adorable goodies.Let's take a peek at what came in this adorable bag. Even the bag is freaking cute!! It looks like a cross between a donut and a watermelon. I loves it. 

Look at all the stuff in this bag!!!! So much to ahhh & oooh over!!!

A watermelon purse and cute minty mermaid bracelet!! OMG!!!! 

Macarons and Cute Bears?! Oui!

Here's the cute watermelon coin purse! It's SO soft & fuzzy. 

The cutest bear spray bottle. I put some of my rose water in it. It's adorable.

A Macaron Luggge Tag. It's very soft made from silicone. ADORABLE!!!

OMG! I actually had my eye on this bracelet for awhile now...just hadn't gotten around to getting it. It's soooooooooooo pretty. Definitely one of my favorite pretties in this cute bag.

Fruit hair clips!! Really? I mean, how freaking cute are they?

A cute key chain shaped like a chocolate crepe! It even feels like a crepe if possible! haha! ...soft and squishy.

It's PINK chocolate! NOoooo...heehee....but a chocolate shaped compact.

Look what's inside! A comb and mirror. 

Another cute luggage tag with a pretty and pink lama on it. 
I love the colors, don't you?

Glasses with a cutie red bow. These don't have lenses in them.

Awww, a bear coin purse. Look at that face. 

Pink & White Pearl stickers! Sooo pretty. 
I might try and see if I can use these on my nails. 

Look at this cute cat plush!! So sweet.

This is pretty neat! A kawaii hand fan...which I definitely need what with its being SO freaking hot lately. 

A Pokemon Coin Purse! Cutie!! 

And finally, a squishy Oreo Cookie Key Chain. Isn't it all sooo sweet and kawaii? Want to win one for yourself enter our giveaway below or go ahead and just buy one for yourself here. It's only $16.50!! with the goodies being valued at over $40!! You have to get one for yourself or at least enter our giveaway. Good luck babes and dudes!!!