BEAUTY ♥ Magical Potions ♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hey babes! Here are just a few magical potions we've made this week. I took the time to take some pretty pastel pink and very magical photos of two of our potions that you just have to try. Plus, we're sending out a 20% off special only for three days so if you haven't sign up for our newsletter here. *wink*

The first treat is a body creme inspired by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It's named "Moon Goddess" because of the heady fragrance it carries...ginger, exotic florals with a touch of sexy amber. Truly heaven sent! It'll make your skin super soft & smell divine. Plus, it's such a treat to look at, isn't it?

Pictured with it is some of my pastel pretty jewelry I currently have. Big Pom Pom Earrings from Frilly Pops. A pink heart ring, lollipop clip and my kawaii pastel cube bracelet which you can get in my shop.

 Do you love baths? I love pretty baths myself filled with pretty flowers and soothing sea salts which is what this next potion is all about. It's our Glass Slipper Sandalwood Rose Bath Soak! It's chalk full of Himalayan Pink Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Milk, butter bits, oatmeal, rose buds, lavender and calendula and the smell...sooo heavenly! Sandalwood walking into a deep dark forest...and suddenly coming upon the sweetness of a rose garden like in a fairytale. It'll soothe your skin, moisturize you and make you fel magical. *wink*

So magical, right? You can find these treats in our storevy shop now right here! Yay! 
And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter here. *wink* You get a 10% off discount for your first order and for the next three days we're having a 20% off special so sign up today to get the discount code! *confetti throw*



WISHLIST ♥ Reformation Loves ♥

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hey babes! Fashion obsessed moi has another wishlist of pretties I need to share. I recently saw a photo of Taylor Swift with cutie Tom Hiddleston in Rome. I just fell in love with her dress called Amery from a brand called Reformation. It's so simple and yet so pretty. It even comes in more than one color! Though I'm quite smitten with the yellow. After looking through Reformation's website realized I needed to put a wishlist together because I just about want everything they sell! heehee...take a look below.
1 // Amery Dress  2 // Braelynn Dress  3 // Rosa Dress
// Date Dress// Mason Dress

I'm really loving that Braelynn two piece...there's just something about blue gingham that makes my heart go pitter patter. Have you heard of Reformation before babes? Any favorite fashions I should know about? *wink* 



MUSIC ♥ Sweet Sunday Tunes - Princess Chelsea - Yulia ♥

It's Sunday and even I sometimes have to work in the beauty lab on weekends. It can be long hard work, not all fun and games...though i do get to have fun! and what keeps me inspired is awesome music like Princess Chelsea! I love the quirkiness of her songs and videos like this one titled, "Yulia" with a kitty in the video. If you follow me on Instagram here!!... (shameless plug *wink*) you'll know I now have four precious kitties...wait, I have a new kitten so now five! some could call me a crazy cat lady...I think I've just got a whole lot of love to give them and they give it right back to me. *heart melts* If you want to see cute photos of the little furball be sure to hop on over to my instagram. *dimple* 

Enjoy your Sunday and this cute & quirky music video!
Check back because I'm working on a wishlist of pretties from the brand Reformation
They have SO many dresses I want!! 



BEAUTY ♥ Summer got you sweating, pretty babe? ♥

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hey peeps! Have you seen our latest special? I know you love our deodorants, you've certainly been buying up loads of them lately. *wink*  So we thought we've got to give the peeps what they want!! Buy any three deodorants and we'll include an extra fourth one for free in your order. Yas! You love that, right? And no code required!

What's your favorite scent? Rose? Aphrodite? Lavender? Coconut?
if you don't see it up at our sites, just send us an email. We LOVE getting custom requests. *wink wink* 

Who wouldn't want a custom made deodorant? They're pretty to look at...has a cute bow on it like a little gift to good for your skin (no aluminum)...and smells amazing. It's a no brainer babes. You HAVE to get to one and for your friends. *dimple*

Margarita Bloom - Storenvy Shop



DIY ♥ How to Bake Vanilla Buttercreme Cupcakes ♥

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy Monday! Your Monday is about to get a whole lot better. As well as tinkering with beauty potions I love to cook and bake. I made some delicious cupcakes quite a bit ago and finally got around to editing the yummy photos.This was my first time making cupcakes & they came out pretty darn good...especially the frosting! Funny story, I actually didn't have a cupcake tin when I made this...I keep meaning to get a new one but never seemed to get around it. 

Well, I had a major craving for cupcakes and had cupcake liners but no cupcake tin. So I just took the liners and put them in a pan & put dollops of the cupcake batter in the liners and they worked great...though they weren't as perky as they could have been if I had a cupcake tin but it worked for me! Here are some sweet photos of the cupcakes and buttercreme frosting I made.

The buttercreme frosting I made turned out insanely good and look how fabulous it looked!! It tasted just as good as it looked too..I almost ate the whole bowl of frosting! hahahaha......

They're soooo pretty, aren't they? That's the best kind of food to eat. Pretty Nibbles.  *wink*

You want to make them now, too, don't you? I've got you covered! Recipe Card below for the cupcakes and frosting. I'm thinking that frosting would work perfectly on a carrot cake too. Delicious! Maybe my next baking project? *wink wink*
Thanks Williams-Sonoma for the awesome recipe!!  

Now, isn't your Monday just a little bit sweeter? *dimple*



♥ Lovely Friends & Pretty Trinkets ♥

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting REGULARLY this last month babes. 
It's been such a busy month and I had a large project last month that took 
up all my time and energy that I was always sooo pooped I couldn't work 
on any blog posts. 

Whew! and then on top of that I got some large stockist orders in and even on 
top of that had some darn printer issues which only resolved themselves after
trying out four!! printers! 

Holy Hannah! I need some good vibes thrown at me peeps. On that note of good vibes, if you're in the Hilton Head Island, SC area go check out the UTTERLY GORGEOUS Spa Faces Lash Studio because they've got lots of pretty potions from us!! You can see photos of their breathtaking salon on their website. Trust me, it's gorgeous. *wink*

There was a whole ton of stress and exhaustion going on last month let me tell you 
but I finally have some time to put together a few pretty posts about what's 
going on in the life of this beauty princess. And here is my first one..

I received a pretty parcel from a lovely Canadian friend with 
even some handmade pretties in it!! Take a peek at all the sweetness. *wink*

Disney Princess Lip Balm. She knows me so well! Haha...sooo cute.

 Look at how cute the vintage card is my friend Michelle gave me. All the kitties though!! Yep, that's me with all my sweet love muffins! haha.... And all those pretty little hair bobbins, rings and pins...Michelle actually made! You can get some here from her online shop called Doll Face if you fancy a donut ring like me!!

Pretty PINK HELLO KITTY pencils. I adore Hello Kitty!

My favorite item of all this sweetness...yep, this sweet as sugar donut ring!! How cute is it peeps? Really adorable. And it has sprinkles on it!

And she even made a cute little bunny ring for me. Awww....I have the best friends up on Facebook. I really do. 

I had to include one more photo of the lip balm because cute packaging really. I'm all about the cute packaging. *wink wink* All these sweet little trinkets really made my day. THANK YOU Michelle!! 

Yay, it's going to be Friday tomorrow! Wow, how did it get to be the 15th already. It still feels like the beginning of July to me. Well, on to the next post peeps..stay tuned!!! *warm smiles*




Thursday, May 26, 2016

I think by now you know I adore these kawaii boxes. I've done several reviews of these absolutely adorable boxes and I've got another one for you. You're going to love this box. There are such sweet goodies inside and even chocolate!!

Here's what came inside this box:

Apollo CHocolate Diy Kit
Kokeshi NOtebook
Kawaii Pets Sticker SHeet
Emoji Plush Charm
Friendly Bear Pink Gel Pen
Stick chewing gum eraser
Polka Dot Hairband
Cute Travel Lock
Happy Mini Towel
Polygon Pink Bracelet
Panda sleepmask

This is the apollO chocolate DIY kit. Yum!! 
YOu'll get to see more photos of this sweet diy kit 
in action at the bottom of this post.

How cute is this EMOJI PLUSH CHARM. 
Haha, THAT'S kind of how my last week has been. Grrr....

POLKA DOT HAIRBAND!! Um, yeah anything that's pink and has
polka dots on it I love!! It matches my nails.

What a darling little lock. This would have come in handy
when I was going to school. So much cuter than what I 
had to use. *wink*

I love it when they include bracelets in their boxes. 
IT's soooo cute and pink. I've been wearing it a lot. 

Animal stickers!! I adore the pink poodle one. heehee...

could this be any cuter??! Panda eyes!!
This would probably freak my cats out in the morning.

Is it gum? Nooooo, it's a gum shaped eraser. 
Let's hope someone doesn't accidentally
mistake it for gum though... giggle...

the kokeshi notebook...super sweet!
Where can i get a strawberry hair charm like she has?!
Plus, doesn't she just make you wanna have blue hair?!

That is one very happy little towel! 
super cute little bear. awwww....

Ugh, I LOVE this pen!! It's a pink gel pen!
I can writes in pink!!! LOOOOOOOVE!!!
and it has a cute bear on it. 
Could you love it anymore? 

Here we go! Time to play with chocolate with 
our Apollo CHocolate kit. These were soo yummy
and fun to do. The strawberry chocolate 
was my fav by the way. heehee...

the kit comes with three tubes of chocolate in
milk chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 
A candy mold, a mixing stick and little
round pastel candies to decorate the chocolates with.

You just take the tubes of chocolate and
put them in a bowl or cup in hot water. 
Don't open them before hand.
We want the chocolate to get melted so when you
do open them they're easy to squeeze out.

Here's the mold. Just snip off the ends of the 
chocolate tubes and get creative.
Make strawberry and chocolate candies,
create layers of the different colors, 
swirls and add the pastel candies for decoration!

Now, we're ready to put the mold into the fridge 
for a hour or two to SOLIDIFY.

Here's what they look like when you pop them out. 
They were SOOOOO good!!! Yummy!!

Now, who wants to win of these boxes!
The peeps at kawaii box are sooo generous, aren't they?
Just enter below and we'll let you know when the winner is picked and kawaii box will ship out the winner's prize. Yas!!

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