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Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is our first post about a FABULOUS SHOP we love!
We just came across this absolutely darling site as we were trolling through It's a really great place to shop with lots of talented designers. One of my obsessions happens to be.........drum roll please........cupcakes!! I love cupcakes. It's a food where you can have so much creativity and yet eat it all up when you're done. YUM! So when I came across this site imagine my surprise when I discovered the cute cupcakes I was eying were indeed.....faux!

You heard me right. They're fake. You can't eat them, but that doesn't stop me from wanting them. They are absolutely adorable! I could place one in every corner of the house and I bet I would get at least one person a week trying to take a bite from them. They're so realistic and you could do so many things with them; decorate a cupcake tree, use as a center arrangement at a party...very unique! Best of all just place them on a plate and look at them! What a visual pleasure. Just don't forget to put a note next to not eat!!! Lol...
Find these goodies here:
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