Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, it's almost Mother's Day.....the day meant to pamper and please every mother in the world! Just a half an hour until the fun begins. So what do you have planned? Are you going to take your mamma out to dinner, spend the day at a park, a zoo, some place you know your mamma will love, or pamper her all day long at a spa....your treat?

Whatever you do.....remember every day can be Mother's Day. Pamper her all the time...get her a card for no reason at all; just because you love her. Because well....really she deserves it if not just for the hours upon hours upon hours of excruciating labor she had to go through to push you out!! lol....but really we're honoring all mamma's out there with a 10% off sale. Anything in the MB boutique, anything at all (sing song voice) it's all 10% off. Just use Voucher Code "FabMamma" in our shopping cart.

And it doesn't have to be Mother's day to get your very special mamma a gift....in fact, it just might mean more to her!

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