IEmporium Sizzle Magazine

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, the gals at IEmporium have done it again....what a fabulous idea. Parthena, Muse, and Melissa have created a fabu magazine called the IEmproium Sizzle just chalk full of divine designers and rising stars. Check it out and while you're at IEmporium sign up and become a member and join all these fabulous ladies. :)

Now, guess who they made their very first Entrepreneur of the month? Why Moi of course!!! Check it out and read the interview we did with Parthena. Get clicking! lol...


  1. The iemp Group is phenomenal!
    And the magazine is precisely as you say...and, Well yes "Of Course" we chose you LOL,
    All kidding aside, you deserve the honor! And relish the moment, for you have worked hard to achieve it...
    A toast...To our Successes!

  2. I agree iE is doing a wonderful job..the magazine is priceless. What a great job Melissa,Muse,Parthena!!! Again allowing the world to see raising stars and all there wonderful products.

  3. Congrats, way to go. How wonderful for you.


    I love all your images!!!