Music to shake & mambo your hips to!! :) lol...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Saturday I happened to be watching one of my favorite shows, The Graham Norton Show on BBC (I adore that show and boy, it can make me laugh so hard I get tears streaming from my eyes!!!) and they had this singer I had never heard before....Alesha Dixon. She of course happened to be singing her new song, "The Boy Does Nothing." I've just fallen in love with this song and can not get it out of my head!! If any song was a Margarita Bloom song then this is it! I LOVE it and just had to share with all my peeps. Enjoy the video!!!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and started following a couple of days ago! I spent 2 hours listening to your playlist!!! I fell in love with this song!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. hey sweetheart! lol...i can see you shaking your hips to the mambo

    oh it is sooooo you!

  3. Happy New Year Regina!
    Great song. It fits you perfectly!
    I'm still here (and I'm still head-over-heels for the Aphrodite scent :-> )

  4. You have definitely found your theme song! LOL :) I like it!

  5. This is definetely your tune. Yes I can see you now, bopping and shaking those hips. You go girl!!!

  6. OH goodness this is the ANTHEM for my 15 year old son! Okay and most of my pre-hubby beaus as well.. sad I know.

    I caught your icon over at Cookie Girl's apron contest.. I just dug it so much I had to pop over and zowie.. I found me some new product! With four kids this kind of stuff (and a good bit o the hooch) are my only sanity savers... I'm off to shop!

    Following now btw cuz I just dig the graphics so much! I'm sure the goodies will be equally grovealious