Pinups for Pups! An ultra fabulous site that combines two of my loves!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

While twittering a lot today...I swear I'm so addicted to that!! I found this great site that I just had to share with you all. It's called "Pinups for Pups". These fabulous gals and I'm sure there are guys there too who love pups of all shapes and sizes put together this site that creates an awareness about what you can do to help rescue animals as well as lots of other issues concerning pets. We love animals here at MB and we NEVER ever, nor ever will test on them. It's just not right. We HEART animals! So when you have the time stop on by and sign up!

They even have a gorgeous PINUP Calendar that you can purchase where the proceeds go towards helping to rescue animals. I just love it when I find something so fabulous! Tell us do any of you MB peeps have pets? Leave a comment below and let us know his or her name and what cute cuddly facts make you love your lovable best friend!


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  1. Hi! I found you through SITS and boy I'm glad I did, you're fabulous! lol I have a dog named Lebowski who thinks he's a lap cat (even though he's huge) and I have a lap cat named Crickette who thinks she rules the roost (she kinda does). lol Have a great Friday!

  2. By the way, I saw your comment about scifi...BSG fan by any chance?!

  3. Love your logo! I've got one dog named Buster and he always sits by my bed right before I go to bed so he can jump in with me.

  4. Hey Ladies! I love anything scifi! Definitely a BSG fan!! I love Doctor Who, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, Primeval, Moonlight, Star Trek(all) lol...anything! I'm been watching the Star Trek Enterprise marathon acutally and it's inspired me to create a galactic inspired perfume! Stay tuned with updates on that!!

    They do have an awesome logo don't they? Very cute! Awww, your doggie sounds so adorable.

  5. Thanks a lot for stopping by on my blog, and for this link too. I will definitely check it out. I'm very happy to see you on Twitter as well :-) Have a gorgeous weekend, love: Evi