Come in my sweet.....we've got juicy apples, plump pumpkin pie & blueberry delight!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ah, fall is in the air and it's that time of season when apples, pumpkins and cinnamon, oh, my come out to play! We've dolled up our website with fabulous collections ranging from fairytales to pirates! Check out our home page, shop page and specials page for fantabulous images that will inspire you to believe in fairytales again or maybe do a little swashbuckling this coming Halloween!

I just love fairytales one of my favorite being Sleeping Beauty. I think it was the first fairytale I had ever read and it has stuck with me all these years! Then came The Little Mermaid, my second favorite and besides who could resist that cute crustacean Sebastian? Of course lets not forget about Cinderella!
What's your favorite fairytale or folklore?

There's something about them that just catches your imagination! Imagine mice that become coachmen, a pumpkin that turns into a carriage, and a prince that can kiss you awake! How enchanting! So we put together two collections, Fairytales & Folklore and The Glass Slipper that are chalk full of fabulous products and fantabulous named scents!

We've got a few new goodies that I think you'll absolutely adore! Our new shampoo and conditioner which is so amazing! Your hair will feel like you've been to an expensive salon I'm telling you; light, silky, and smelling so sweet! It does wonders for my hair & I've been searching since forever for the best shampoo/conditioner. :) Other goodies you'll find are facial cremes, serums, bath soaks, our fantabulous lotion!, drizzle oils, soaps, moisturizing bath syrup, massage bars, scrubs and more! A few fragrances that you'll find....

Black Tea Berry Brew:Black Tea & Berries
Witches Brew: Colombian Coffee
My What Big Ears you Have!: Country Red Apple
Bramble, Briar and Rose: Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood
The Royal Ball: Sweet Cranberry
My Own True Love: Honey
The Pumpkin Coach: Pumpkin Mousse Souffle
Loves First Blush: Almond Biscotti
Sweet Dreams: Buttercream and Snickerdoodle
Sweet & Winsome: Cinnamon Sugar
Once Upon a Time: Cream Cheese Delight
My Dearest Darling: Gingersnap
and more!

Ha, I bet you thought I was done but nooooo, we've got one more collection that I'm just crazy about! It's called There Be Pirates Here, BEWARE!! Yep, that's right I had to have a collection with sinfully delicious goodies that even a pirate would secretly envy. Ever since I saw the movie "Captain Blood" With Erroll Flynn I've had a fascination with swashbuckling! Guess what? It's also Talk Like a Pirate Day! Isn't that just the perfect day to introduce our Pirate Collection or what? lol....

It has the same products along the same lines with a few unique goodies like our Double Dutch Girl Cocoa Clay Masque, Blackbeards Revenge Black Cocoa Clay Masque, Mermaids Lore Dead Sea Clay & Seaweed Masque, and Poppy the Pirate Queen Pumpkin Clay Masque! Mmmm, such delightful goodies!!

Some fragrances from this collection include:

RAVEN HAIRED WENCH----Black Raspberries & Vanilla
THE SIRENS CALL ----- Jasmine
BLACK JACK ---- Frosted Wineberry
VOODOO HOODOO --- Berry Goodness
PIECES OF EIGHT ----- Blueberry Lemon Poundcake
SWASHBUCKLE ----- Banana Nut Bread
SEA ROVER ---- Fresh Ginger Lime
SHIPWRECKED ---- Banana Coconut
and more!

Create your own treatments with these fabulous goodies! You could pair up our Moisturizing Syrup Soak, Sugar Scrub, Kukui Luxury Cream all in the same scent to get a pampering spa treatment in home! Imagine a blueberry lemon pound cake spa treatment! Even add a massage bar for after wards! You could create your own foot/hand treatment with a Moisturizing Syrup Soak, Sugar Scrub, massage bar or foot/hand creme! Even mix and match scents. For instance, yesterday I paired up a cherry drizzle oil and a maple/honey/buttermilk scent that made me smell like cherry graham crackers! Oh, snap!!!

There are sooo many fragrances to choose from, which ones are your favorite?

Plus, we've got an amazing special going on....purchase any 2 of the same products and get one FREE!! No limits, any two same items you'll get a third one for FREE! :)

Sign up for our specials & get VIP access into our Glamour-ville to get free goodies and savings available only to MB gals/guys!!



  1. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! Very cool blog, I love how everything is so glam!!

  2. Thanks Mommy Reporter! That's what we aim for....glam...glam...glam!!

    Hey Elise! Why thank you! I thought "margaritabloom-glamourville" was a much more appropriate blog address than "margaritabloom888"! lol...

    Stop by anytime! We've always got something going on here, at our Twitter page, or Facebook Page! I'll be adding cocktail and yummy decadent recipes and more delightful info about our fabulous products here at the blog soon!!!

  3. I love the sounds of so many of these scents!! You now have me wanting to try your shampoo and conditioner:)

  4. What great collections! Love the scents.