It's a Gingerbread Man Party!! lol...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I know...I know I haven't been around that much and with good reason October has been a very busy month for MB!!! Whew...we had a Gingerbread Man Invasion here what with all the orders we had coming in, tons of new stockist! and new goodies galore!!

First off, did everyone have a wonderful Halloween? Well, don't just sit there...tell us what you went as! Were you an angel, a devil, or even a hot dog? lol...maybe you went as ketchup & mustard. If you have any pics send them on over we'd be happy to post some up here for everyone to see! I can't believe it's already November...time for Turkeys & even more Pumpkin Pie! (always a good thing!!)

We've got lots of news! First off let's start with a fabulous Site called "What now Baby!" They featured our Wickedly Good Hot Cocoa scrub and loved it soooo much they decided to award it the "Best Body Scrub" category in their Fall Guide! Just fabulous! Check it out here!

An excerpt from their review:
"Margarita Bloom's Creamy Hot Cocoa Scrub had our vote for Best Body Scrub at first whiff! We are loving the glamorous & retro feel to the products from Margarita Bloom. From the fun packaging to the tantalizing scents - we are hooked on this brand."

Now, that always puts a smile on my face! Whooo.... lol....

Next, up we have been making TONS of Gingerbread Men Soap and just thought you'd like to see some pics of those cutie's a gingerbread man invasion!! heehee...well, more like a party.

Next up we've got plenty of new Stockists carrying our brand!!!

Margarita Bloom's Newest Stockists:

Sweden: (They love our goodies there!)

Baltimore, Maryland
Doubledutch Boutique

Fort Smith, AR:
Beauty's Boutique

Alberta, Canada:
Chaos . . . Simplified

Bayamon, Puerto Rico:

Bath Attitude

Pembroke, North Carolina:
Earthworks Day Spa

and last but not least!!!


Princess Cherry Pie
(They're carrying some new fabulous goodies not even up on our site yet!! MB's Glamourville Skincare Goodies....oooh, la, la!

If you haven't seen their website I highly suggest it! Vanessa's site is soooo darling and we're soooo excited to have our retro goodies be a part of her fabulous company! They're even hosting a Party coming up this November in honor of Margarita Bloom to showcase our goodies at her company !! Oh, snap!!

We're in the process of updating our site with a little Thanksgiving and Holiday cheer so stay tuned! Plus, we'll have some new goodies coming to our site like our brand new scrumptious "Hey Punkin, What's shaking?" Pumpkin Spice Soap! & lots more yummies!



  1. Oh these are so cute! I'll be sharing these for sure.

    Misty Damico
    Luxe Event Productions

  2. saweeet! love your gingerbread men and the lovely box and the name....Hey Pumpkin...what's shaking? lol

  3. What a beautiful blog! Stopping by to say hello from SITS.

  4. Oh Regina! I'm so tempted by your Pumpkin soap! You consistently provide the best scents and high quality. You're a treasure :->

  5. very very cool gingerbread soap! my friend's daughter BAKED gingerbread the other day - it was tasty! probably tastier than GB soap!

  6. Love your corner of bloggyland here!! Thanks for coming by today, sitsta!