Sweets, Sugar and Sprinkles...it's Holiday Cookie time!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I don't know about you but I love me some delicious holiday cookies. Next to gifts galore they're my favorite thing about the holidays. I'd have to say most families if not all are making some delicious cookies to serve to their family this Christmas. I know I will...one of my favorite cookies is called a Snowball Cookie which is also referred to as a Mexican Wedding Cake. They're the most delish sweet dough cookie usually with nuts (I heart walnuts!!!) baked and then rolled in powder white confectionery sugar.

Here's a cookie recipe that looks similar to my Nana's Snowball Cookie! Aren't they gorgeous? I would have never thought to put cherries on the inside! & I LOVE cherries! And these festive "Little Dipper Cookies" They would be perfect for a party or gift to bring with you to a family Christmas Dinner.

credit: www.bhg.com

One of my favorite blogs is called The Scottabaker! The delights this gal makes on her blog and with recipes too are pure eye candy! lol...speaking of candy how about some Peppermint Bark Shortbread? This goodie reminds me of our newest fragrance Peppermint Bark...delish chocolate and pepperminty yuminess!! You should see the coconut cake she made with pinneapple blossoms! pure elegance!! Plus, I just saw her brand new site, The Scootabaker It is just retro fabulous as well as her new logo which I love!

credit: thescootabaker.blogspot.com

More Peppermint Chocolate Cookie Happiness! from another fabulous cooking gal, Giada De Laurentiis on Footnetwork.com.

Credit: Foodnetwork.com

Look at these Kourabiedes (Greece): Walnut Sugar Cookies! I bet this is a different version of our snowball cookies or vice versa!

credit: foodnetwork.com

And frankly it just wouldn't be the holidays without a little something with pumpkin!! lol..try this Pumpkin Pie Martini! Have fun baking! There's nothing quite like the feeling of buttery floured hands...ah, then the sweet smell of accomplishment...watch out here I come Cookies & Milk! lol...

credit: hostesswiththemostess.com

Holiday Kisses!


  1. Well now...leave it to you to have the GLAMIEST cookies in blogland! LOL wow...you have sugar coated the dough! LOL

    Hope you have the Merriest and oh yes the MOST stylish Christmas yet!

    HUGS to you!!!

  2. Ok, now I need a snack! They all look fabulous!!

  3. Yummy. They look wonderful. There is nothing better than Christmas cookies with a delicious steaming hot cup of tea.

    Merry Christmas!